Identification of joystick

someone knows what it is?

thats the worst stick there is…

i dont know who makes it but a friend of mine bought one last year and its still lying around…

directions are very hard and the shaft and balltop are not seperate…

i wouldnt buy it if i were you…

That looks like a Coin Control stick that was used in late 80’s arcade games. You can see an exploded view in some arcade manuals from that era, for instance here (p.9):

As you see it can mount either leaf switches or microswitches (like the one in the video).

Better than this:


I got 2 of the sticks Kowal posted about 9 months ago in a bulk purchase of junk.

They were weird sticks for sure. The actuator was all weird and overly complicated. I gave them away.

MKL thanks:)

Coin Control this is favouriteAC joystick

it looks curiously, maybe I will get him in Poland bwahaha

TRNG ^…^ crap stick paradise

I got one

it looks how shit but it acts very nicely, soft spring. This probably ancestor Ultimate Joystick but it is better from him.

original construction - my three square restrictors:rolleyes:

I’m surprised I didn’t see this thread before, those are the sticks a local arcade has installed in their Tekken 4 machines.

man thats ugly :lol:

About random weird sticks, has anyone ever played on one of the crown sticks with the square, competition-like actuators (CWL 305 and CWL 305 Spring Action)? I want to know what they feel like as I have heard conflicting reports stating that they feel like everything from Happ Competition with less dead zone to a Fanta with hard to hit diagonals.

ugly? it looks how Elton John microphone or analtoy:rofl:

CLW305 has very easy diagonal
CLW305 Spring Action diagonals is little harder but still better from Fanta, has better dynamic than CLW305 - I like him! it is lighter from Eurojoystick (Competion) and nicer :lovin:

problem Crown joystick - a lot of copies be dug:P the Korean joystciki of has a lot of constructional mistakes: uneven sticks, curves rings… and different surprises.
I have 5 CLW305 and every he acted differently, different pressure, 150,175,200, 225g haha
korean microswiches is total crap (Deco and other ), I altered all on Omron. only Gersung micro is good.

So you are saying that the CLW305 is more sensitive than the Competition (Eurojoystick) but not as sensitive as Fanta joysticks? So the joysticks in terms of most to least sensitive are:

  1. Fanta
  2. CLW305/CLW305 SA
  3. Competition (Eurojoystick)?

In terms of spring/rubber strength from hardest to softest:

  1. Fanta
  2. CLW305 SA
  3. CLW305
  4. Competition?

In terms of microswitches:

  1. Competition
  2. Fanta
  3. CLW305/CLW305 SA?

and ranked in actual quality of construction they are:

  1. Competition
  2. Fanta
  3. CLW305/CLW305 SA?

Which stick would you recommend out of these three and of all the joysticks reviewed on your site?

this depends from game, and combination of movements, and your manual abilities.
compare parameters

Korean joystciki come from different microswiches this depends from series. I do not know what you will get but Deco - sucks.
Fanta MyoungShin (low stiffness), on Omron microswiches V-sries acts superbly

Fanta, Competion, CLW305 it is long throw joysticks, they are not sensitive

Kowal, where can one get the Omron microswitches? Will those microswitches fit the clw305?

you need microswiches W/O plain lever

I buy it in TME 1,5$
look for in shops with electronic & automation

Which stick is better for the HRAP 3?Sanwa sux, I am used to HAPP-based sticks, shall I get the Fanta?

Sanwa doesnt suck, its just all preference.

hi necropost

Kowal i agree totally 100% korean microswitches from what ive experienced are total total shit . deco , starion , i have about 30 starion mircoswitches and only 4 of them are still working as in clicking all the time the rest after about 4-5 clicks stop clicking . Gersung is ok i think the switches are harder but i find when im using them in the fanta the diagonals dont always register . Yeap that was my casino stick you had marcin sent you it , marcin had these omron switches in his korean stick also i have to say they were the best switches ive used so far for the fanta stick .

I have modded casino stick now with really short throw so nice