Ideas you'd like to see in a fighting game

Currently, I’m developing a 3D fighter (but with 2D look, not sure about the feel yet) for the PC. I’m aware that fighting games for the PC cannot agressively compete with console and/or arcade ones, nevertheless the PC is where I can code freely right now.

To make things short, the main features of the game are the following:

[]Tactical gameplay: While trying not to copy Virtua Fighter, I’m making it a tactical one by utilizing some techniques like putting cost on attacks, using refillable stamina bar in addition to the stamina bar. Also I’m planning to implement a fighter control macro system, whre players can literally program their fighters to “behave” in certain ways according to the situation (not just execute a set of moves).
]Realism: Relying heavily on physics simulation for calculating damage, movement and hit animation.
[]Net-play: Well, I’m still testing this new piece of code for networking that -hopefully- should reduce the effect due to lagging when playing over the internet. LAN netplay is supported.
]Customized profiles: Players should create their own fighters, edit their moves and AI… etc.

It’s not exactly “another” MUGEN because it the gameplay is different altogether and it has net-play.

I’d like to know if there are any good realizable ideas that could be added in.

I always that leveling up ur character would be cool. They did this for the PS port of Darkstalkers 3 and in the home port osf Alpha 3. They have yet to really perfect it though. And at the same time, keeping it tournament legal.

Kind of a totally different thing…

but KOF XIV should have an age jump or something. Old Kyo and Iori, with Kyo all decked out in the Saisyu robes and such, and all the Garou characters popping in and kicking ass, and Mr Karate Ryo kicking down the door and bringing teh arpe.

But yeah…that really IS in fact a Virtua Fighter takeoff.

So, uhm… what exactly are the new things you’d like to see in a new fighter?

One thing that I could stand to see fighting games to delve into would be the aspect that I believe the likes of brawlers like Smash Bros. Guardian Heroes and River City Ransom (Downtown Nekketsu Monogari) EX got down pat…Options.

And I’m not talking about vanilla-flavored stuff like “match time”, “win limit”, and stuff like that. What I’m actually referring to are things that could truly change the dynamic of a fighter at the drop of a hat, if you know what options to utilize, and allow for tweaking. For instance, gravity. A heavy gravity set will keep both players firmly on the ground, and possibly make them struggle for ground game dominance, while a lighter gravity setting would allow players to have “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” shennanigans, with an emphasis on air combat.

This where I think a game like yours could stand to shine, if you utilized something like this. After all, if you provided well-designed options, then the player(s) would be pretty much allowed to play the fighting game in whatever means they choose, which could greatly increase replay value, and allow for a variety, something that I think more fighting games could possibly stand to have now-a-days… :wgrin:

My proposal:

an “AI-edit Mode”.

I got the idea from the old Create-A-Wrestler feature(s) in the Firepro Wrestling games.

Program the computer to use those combos you’ve always wanted them to use. Train the AI how to react, how often to use what moves, etc.

Sounds a bit complicated, I know…but hey, it’s wishful thinking.
I see it’s great for those of us who don’t have much human competition to play with.

So yeah, pay attention, CAPCOM!

Built in RPS counters.

an attack signified as A will always beat B on a trade
B beats C on a trade
C beats A on a trade

To be quite honest…i dont want another 2D fighter unless its a franchise like KOF GG or SF. If i could have it my way i would LOVE another SF EX game on the ps3…awesome graphics, good engine, and plays somewhat like a 2D fighter.

Roll cancel.

Too few games have deselect buttons. We soft reset 3s all the time because of a messed up pick. So, you should have a deselect button.

GGXXSlash had multible control presets. This streamlined things a little bit for my play group. (Didn’t have to manually reset when a pad player picked up from a stick player, just select Preset 2 in stead of Preset 1) One still had to enter the menu from the match though. Control presets should also be selectable from the character select screen, to avoid disrupting match dynamics. Control presets should be included, obviously.

I’m saving all my gameplay ideas for my own work, but this interface functionality like these should be present in ANY fighting game. (Particularily deselect buttons. Their absence is unexplainable to me. )

ALWAYS show the current color/outfit selection after picking a character. I hate when games just have a default portrait, and you have no idea the color or costume you picked. Since this is a 3D game that shouldn’t be too tough to do.

Edit: Even better idea! Let the player select the character first, then allow them to cycle through the colors/outfits and select the one they want. Way nicer than mapped buttons.

This thread has too much 2k6 to be worth a damn.

at least they’re being constructive unlike you!!!

A move that is an overhead on counter hit.

…ok I have nothing.

How about the ability to cancel block stun with a special or super?

We got wall-bounce and ground-bounce, but where’s my roof-bounce?

Well, would you as a player really care to program and tune your character? It’s not the AI, but the whole lot, like modifying where a punch/kick would hit, when to perform a move cancellation, use different tactics during the match according to the opponent and so on? Or would you prefer to learn a ready-made system well and be content with that?

I mean, like the suggestions of Henaki, SF_crazy and Zaelar, such moves/counters/cancels could all be implemented programatically by the player.

Although gravity and friction are properties of the fighting arena, but yes, they should be adjustable. What other “options” do you want to control? I’m planning a custom match where the player can set the rules of the match (not just how to win, but what is allowed and what is not, penalties, rewards… etc)

Actually you can completely control the AI behavior of a fighter - programatically! Hmm… maybe an editor would be a good thing. Players can save their matches (the whole thing, not just a video), which can passed to a neural network to “learn” and generate an updated AI script. Cool.

The deselect -though cosmetic- but I think it’s a nice (plus) feature. Somehow it reminds me of M$ “Are you sure you want to <insert something here>?”… hehe

So, and what’s your work that you’re keeping secret? :slight_smile:

Yessire… also a nice cosmetic feature. First I was thinking that the player would hold down the (say) select button, then use the direction buttons to cycle through the outfits/palettes, but I thought it won’t be very intuitive.

An extra screen to choose the outfit and palette could be too much for some gamers (myself included). Thus I think I’d better keep it in the player’s profile. When the player first creates his/her profile, they can choose which outfits/palettes to use.

Physics, physics, physics :wink:

Already been done (if the TC wants just new stuff)

1 attack button and 5 taunts.


This is more or less a concept, but progressive style. What I mean is that you truly look better kicking ass the better you get at the game. If you can pull off a certain combo, the individual hits in that particular combo would look different than by themselves. But there’s a lot of problems with that though. It would take too long to program, it would be too confusing for combo videos and people, and it would narrow down combos to the dial-down variety. That’s the only one I can think of though.