Idea to make Jiren's counters feel more specia

yes it’s the projectile counter, but hear me out. I propose a few changes for this move. First one is that it should block level 1 supers, come on lads, make it happen, while you’re at it make it come out like twice as fast it’s so slow I can eat a 3 course meal before this move comes out to block a beam, make it unvanishable too, so if I manage to land this slow as shit move I’m not being punished for it. Second, and the big one, this is why I said multiple moves. To bring him up the tier list, have him punish assists hard. If he counters an assist, the counter goes off on the assist, and it brings the assist in, switching out the other character, this could be taken advantage of by the enemy for a free switch, but could also fuck over teams that over-rely on vegeta or yamcha or gotenks or hell just assist spam in general. It could make a niche character have a stronger niche, while also improving his counterplay against assist heavy teams. What do you all think?

So you really made the same thread twice? For an inconsequential change you feel you’re entitled to? Change characters if it isn’t working out.

Block quote fuck