Idea for "Rate My Match Vid" sticky

I’ve been seeing a number of these threads around lately, and I had an idea.

There’ll be a sticky for people who want their match videos to be rated and constructivly critisized by other members of the forum.

To make the sticky more organized maybe along with the video, you attach your e-mail. people will send you feedback about what they think about your video. You copy this, and paste it into the ORIGINAL post you made with your video. This will reduce clutter and make the thread more organized and less chaotic.

Just an idea. I, myself, would like to post some matches too in the near future and I’d rather do this than make a whole thread just for me.

Would you be able to tell me how you guys save and upload your matches?? I’m sort of new to this, and I need some help.

Great idea. The clutter of new threads is only going to increase. Just make sure everyone in the thread only has ONE post, which they can continue to edit with things like ‘what should I do to improve?’ to ‘So what move should I use in this situation?’ to ‘no more input required, thanks!’

As long as it doesn’t become one of those 10+ page threads noone reads, should be good.

An interesting idea, but I think we’re fine the way it is. These kinds of threads tend to drop off the first page after a few days anyway.