Idea for a 'Punish' notification

I was just thinking it would be a good idea to add a ‘Punish’ notification, like how it says ‘Counter Hit’ or ‘Advancing Guard’.

It should say punish when the person could not block because they were recovering from a move. It would show whether a sweep was punishing a blocked sweep etc.

The KO is a punish notification.

I’ve always wanted something like that. Just to be able to better guage during an actual match whether you actually punished them or if they just pushed a button or didn’t block properly.

But I guess not having it leaves more of a mystery, which in a sense makes things a little more interesting to watch.

I think it’d be better to have that frame display thing I see in Virtua fighter replays.

“Punish” would be cool!

I think Street Fighter should have alot more notifications come up as an easier way of getting players to notice simple stuff in the game.

However I also think Capcom want to keep the art of playing SF sort of like a sacred skill that you have to learn yourself up to a point.They dont want to lay out the stuff thats obvious to us, but not so obvious to noobs. They want it to be sort of a journey for people who actually want to improve and become competitive and not just for people who want to learn everything in the game and move on.

I guess theres arguments for both.

After what moves though? All moves are technically punishable as all have recovery frames.

heres an idea for a punish notification: notify someone at capcom that whoever is writing their netcode needs to be punished in the form of losing their job. thanks for listening

they could just change the colour/intensity of the hit-spark. i’m not sure how it would add to gameplay though.

Pretty much my thoughts exactly.

Just a simple little notification that flashes up on the side of the screen, just like we have the “First Attack”, “Reversal” and “Counter Hit” notifications.

And it would pretty much just pop up whenever you punished something that was unsafe. Like for example Bison does mk.scissor, and you stick something out to punish it. If you hit him, there’s no notification so you can never be quite sure if you punished him or if he just wasn’t blocking properly.

THIS. SEGA’s replay system is fucking amazing, from what I’ve seen of it through Reno’s match videos. I dunno how one company can do so much right, yet other companies don’t want to incorporate it into their own games.

Not only that, but one company can put out such an amazing game and be almost ignored by the North American audience. So sad. :tdown:

“Reversal” is a punish notification.

Example: Ken’s crouching roundhouse was punished with reversal timing by Q’s super move because Ken was still recovering after the move hit.

Case Closed.


reversal = Q doing a move immediately out of blockstun/knockdown/reset

has nothing to do with what ken was doing. ken could have been full screen away and it still would register a reversal.

Yeah reversal is not a punish, although a reversal can BE a punish, a reversal uppercut does not always hit contrary to what people on Xbox Live think :wink:

I like the idea of a different coloured hit spark, although it might be a bit too subtle. Although the notification would come up a lot if people punish wiff uppercuts or jump in on fireballs, its not like it gets in the way.

TBH this is actually a really good idea, even if it’s not like, a huge deal or anything. It’s nice.