Idea for a forum: Stream discussion, as a whole forum

There is a very large and relatively active UMVC3 Stream thread, and other games have followed suit.

However, I think that streaming has become such a large part of the fgc culture that an entire forum dedicated to streaming could be a nice idea.

Pinned topics: General stream tips, Specific big game discussions (UMVC3 stream discussion, SF4, SFxT, Injustice, etc)
Non pinned topics - one topic allowed per stream. This allows a smaller stream to bump their thread as a form of self advertisement and be able to leave up writeups of their content. Topics such as OBS or other shows could have “news” based discussions in their threads.

there’s problems that could arise but this isn’t a fully fleshed out idea , but i think it could be a way to not only get exposure out for less populated streams that are well-run like the Deadly Bison stream, but to get exposure between games.