Idea: Direct translation of the Japanese arcade version

For those who don’t know, the Japanese arcade version differs from the Western ones in some ways that aren’t Japanese texts or name changing for some bosses:

More win quotes for each character (including Akuma, who has none in the Western versions)

Gameplay tips at the Continue screen

Akuma introducing himself before you fight him

Akuma having two real endings (one after fighting Bison and one after the mirror match)

And the most important: Difficulty not at a horrendously hard level even on Easiest.

Given these, I recently thought: What if there was a Japanese version with all texts properly translated and Claw, Boxer and Dictator’s names changed to their Western ones? It would be the ultimate Western version.

If possible, there could even be a change of Guile’s voice to the original SF2 one - after all, we all know that the voice of the announcer just doesn’t fit him.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the know-how to do it myself, so I ask: Is there anybody here who could help me do it? I can at least provide the translations (the ones for Akuma’s endings are already here).

Recommendations of good translation forums would be appreciated as well if no one can help.