I'd probably play a lot more FPS games if . . .

I could use the dual joystick they had for Virtual On


This thing is so impractical but gosh darn would it be cool to play on. I imagine it’d work the same way any dual analog FPS would work only you have dual joysticks. Anyone else think so?

Does anyone knows it that stick is DIYable? I would love to play some Gundam here!

You wouldn’t want to, even if mod it with analog sticks, the thing’s lacking so many buttons it’s not even funny.

Might as well just shell out for a pair of analog sticks with a zillion buttons on it then mod it for PC/PS3/360 use.

I used to play CS: Source and I would definitely NOT want to play any FPS game on that thing…

You can’t match a mouse’s sensitivity and accuracy. Imagine trying to move your crosshair just a hairline direction with that virtual on joystick. It’d be hell.

I’d argue with the proper throw on an analog stick, you could. But it wouldn’t be really cost effective, plus I don’t think such stick exists.