Ibuki's most useless move

I’m trying to play her well for two or three hour, and i can’t find any use for some of her move.

QCF K ( non ex ) seems really difficult to land at a correct player, plus I don’t see any benefit from it.

What is the purpose of dragon P ?

From your experience what are other useless moves ?

One use for QCF+K is you can buffer SA2 during the animation. You can also combo SA1 from EX DP.

There are more reliable ways to land her super arts so I wouldn’t recommend doing this.

Vertical Jump Jab.

Hadoken kick forward is the dash, for pressure to get back to your opponent. Really be careful using it. It doesn’t have an EX.

MK blocked x command Dash can work once vs a very defensive opponent, still unsafe. Just part of mixups, getting in.

QCBack Kick, spin kicks did you mean?

Ibuki’s most useless move is really just her Tsujigoe. I can’t think of any move that’s geniunely useless on her, though some are sub-par. Even Tsujigoe can be used against some people sometimes though. Tsujigoe is the command jump crossover move. You can throw a kunai from it and it’ll even auto-correct directions if you super, so it’s not really horrible, it’s just awkward and not used much.

Actually, WAH might be right about neutral jump jab being the most useless.

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Example of a “Bait” perhaps. Taking care of Fast Sean dash. Eat… lead? Some sorta steel that kunai is probably made out of. Sorry convention kids with the fakes. Can’t even carry one without proper supervision and the peacebonding, Ibuki carries more and has plenty to rain down on your parade.

Also, flubbed EX kunai to Super perhaps, but game got all kinds of crazy, exciting chase sceneside switching full screen leapfrogging race towards the end. EX Kunai forward and Super during KO freeze & post KO next time. Right next time.

See, the problem is that her SA1 will always autocorrect on any jump or super jump as well. It means it’s not even a special property of tsujigoe that makes her autocorrect, so the move is almost completely useless. If you could do normals coming down out of tsujigoe it would be much better and actually useful, but you can’t. You can’t even parry. The only thing you can do is throw a kunai, ex kunai, or SA1. Kunai is relatively unsafe to just throw out in most cases, though I suppose it’s possible to use tsujigoe vs a chunli on wakeup as long as you make sure you’re just barely crossing them up and you only throw the jab kunai or ex kunai when your face is touching their face. Even that might fk up and blow up on you tho, idk for sure.

You know what would be gimmicky but potentially possible with tsujigoe? Faking a crossup and then using SA1. If you get the right range it’ll look like tsujigoe is about to crossup and players who know what it does might assume it will crossup and block or parry the wrong way, then you can super and potentially get some hits. Problem is that it’s ultra gimmicky and nearly a complete waste of super that could be used for spacing control, whiffed grab/tech punish, chipping, or as meter for ex tsumuji kicks.

Really tho, tsujigoe is pretty useless. No matter how hard anyone struggles to make it useful it’ll always be useless. Well, practically useless anyway. It’s hard to have geniunely useless moves, though tsujigoe comes close.

You shoulda killed him with taunt, werd. Ibuki uses plastic knives, btw.

I believe Tsujigoe is airborne on the 1st frame, so you can use it on wake-up escape similar to urien’s head-butt or akuma’s demon flip.

Far St.HP, HP target combo is a pretty useless poke in my opinion.

You can cancel far standing HP’s first hit into any special move, even if blocked. You can not cancel it into a super jump though, blocked or hit. It is super cancellable though. It’s not exactly the most amazing poke, but some Ibuki players do use it because of its ranged cancellability. It’s her longest range cancellable normal, it has about a roof shingle and a half more range than st.MK for the first hit (Ryu’s Stage). I know BLUE uses it somewhat often and I’ve seen Atsushi use it once or twice. I have never seen Higa use it though. It seems to be a stylistic thing, depending on how aggressive/risky you want to be.

If you do it at max range and it’s blocked, I think you can cancel into a LK command dash and you’ll get right up in their face at a very small frame advantage (+1). I think. That’s just the first hit for far standing HP though. First hit is usable, just risky.

The second hit is effectively useless and worse than a generic special cancel I think, so I could definitely get behind saying that her far standing HP into HP target combo is bad. It’s likely her worst TC. I don’t know of any reasons whatsoever for ever doing the second hit of that move.

It has enough hitstun to cancel and combo neckbreaker. My terrible way of fishing for damage at that kinda of range.

2nd hit of that is to hitch a ride or something, “style reasons” says the strategy guide.

Roof shingle range measurements, awesome. :sunglasses:


^ Never use that move. It’s horrible. You can’t cancel it. People can guess-parry high or low, therefore making it extremely punishable. Has zero utility even as a poke since I can think of 4-5 different moves that can serve the same role but with greater payout and priority. Every other move Ibuki has outside of her TC chain off of HP is good. She’s a situational character who’s good at baiting and tech traps during heavy momentum shifts, so even Tsujigoe and her pathetic neckbreaker have a place in SOME instances. Just not towards short. It’s garbage. >=(

wow ibuki was really weird properties on her moves!

Well to give you some encouragement on using it if you want to make more use out of all her moves, I have some experience that may make sense or can still be wrong with better options that you can expose me to.

I fail every poke even when I know the shoto is at his max range or inside it, and will forward or sweep, even Sean.

I don’t have time to walk up in range to stand Forward.
UoH or Overhead Hop Forward still needs time to come out from a delay.
Towards Roundhouse can whiff or just barely miss, awaiting the 2nd Low ForwardxxShoto kill you anyway.
Back Forward to try to move Ibuki’s hurtbox back and have a big horizontal reach hitbox still loses, especially to Akuma’s sandals, grrr hawaiian flip flop…

So towards LK up to the 3 chain can work there. That’s what I’ve found in that 1 situation. Stuff em, wait for them to flail something else or hesitate from losing their nonstop rhythm then get your Ninja on.

toward+short is an awesome move.
ridiculous range, goes over but hits like everything that’s a low kick.

not at all a bad move. :bluu:

Towards+short might be able to in select situations, but it normally gets blown up. Forward, strong, crouching forward, and crouching short do a better job in those situations where her towards+short would go unless you do her strong xx short TC, because her entire goal is to condition you for safe mix-up pressure, not poke for damage or for endless blockstrings – too many Ibuki players get that wrong and fall into patterns they can’t break.

Moreover, her walk speed is the best in the game. That’s her best tool since she can reliably condition with deceptive spacing and throw out feints, counter hits, and meaties with ease. Towards+short only has lock-down viability, but that’s only if you’re intentionally trying to get the other guy who’s defensive to go after it with a parry so you can blow him up with raida or some other counter. In general though, textbook Ibuki is actually very very patient, because Chun, Ken, Yun, Oro, and Makoto can kill her too easily, so you have to minimize the margin of error in her gameplay; towards+short is just too risky with too few rewards on block and hit. =/

@ WTFAKUMAHAX: In that instance, though towards+short can reach, it’s still kind of wonky because it’s during the neutral game which gets a lot more random in higher level play. Random dps can beat it out, and the shotos can throw out their high hitting moves like Ryu’s and Ken’s roundhouse. Ibuki isn’t amazing in the neutral game until you get a momentum swing. In most cases, you look for safe counter hit opportunities, space, and condition during the neutral game. You have to commit to the safest moves on neutral that can only be parried low or high and can’t be countered easily because of spacing. IMHO, crouching short as a counter hit would be a good alternative if you need that range that towards+short provides because you won’t have to conflict with as many lows or specials possibly trading with it. You can alternate between that and crouching forward to establish a low hitting ground game – they beat out forward and sweep easily. Oh, and the last big thing is that towards+short messes up the flow you need to get your opponent to recognize your abuse of lows. You need them to pay attention to the low game so that you can freely go high more often and use more unsafe options like jab freely. This way, your opponent will lose the ability to simply guess out of situations with parry.

I throw that in usually at the end of a match as a surprise to my opponent - it does decent damage and you can cancel after the first hit into taunt for an awesome finisher.