Ibuki's Bugs and Glitches are getting tiresome

I surely can’t be the only one who experiences bugs/glitches with Ibuki. To name a few:

  1. Command grab trading.
  2. Neckbreaker trading.
  3. Attempt to air grab but light kick comes out
  4. Attempt to throw a kunai but a random punch comes out

Recently discovered:

  1. Trying to do Ex-Tsumuji into Raida while in the corner, but the Tsumuji does high kicks instead of ex-version (Yes, I checked the replay, I have an ex bar AND it shows I used all 3 kicks. Has happened multiple times now.)


  1. Jumping in with a kick, poke with a jab, then walk forward for a grab. What happens sometimes is after the jab, when you try to walk forward it command dashes. Again, I check my replays, and I don’t even do the full dash command.

  2. Command Dash coming out instead of Ex-Kazegiri (may be due to bad inputs)

  3. Ultra II coming out instead of Ex-Kazegiri

  4. Tsujigoe coming out instead of desired moves. For example, trying to do Ultra I and I accidentally punch on diagonal back instead of back. How the hell is that a shortcut for the shoryuken command?

  5. Moves being buffered while not trying to buffer them.

While this may not count as a glitch or a bug, it still pisses me off:

  1. Being able to jump out of Ibuki’s Ultra I and NOT getting hit by the orb. How the hell do you go through a giant friggin orb and not get hit?

I’ve kept quiet because I assumed with the release of AE everything (well, probably not the shortcuts) would be fixed. But not only is there no mention of them in the patch notes, there’s no mention of them ANYWHERE. So I’m beginning to think I may be the only one experiencing these problems? If not, post some bugs or glitches you’ve experienced.

I’ll be damn pissed in none of above mentioned are fixed in AE.

ok 1st i think someone might flame u cuz there is already a glitches thread i think but anyways

everyone of those things happen to me too every once in a blue moon but i don’t think they those are glitches tho there are u just having either bad timing or inputs except maybe 8 and definitely 5 those are just stupid and i hate when they happen especially 8 cuz it only happens when i use ibuki or adon but again it might be an input error but idk

Bad inputs, bad execution, and SSF4’s lenient timing windows.

Also I agree with raida/neckbreaker trading being dumb. They’re basically grabs so they should beat out normals.


  1. and 2) raida and neckbreaker count as normal moves not as grabs. so they can trade.

  2. ibuki’s air throw has a minimum height so if you try and airthrow to early you press lk and lp, which due to priority a lk comes out.

  3. That has to be bad input

  4. no idea, not really noticed that although i dont use the 3k button for ex moves

  5. that sounds like you are negative edging a comand dash, in ssf4 special moves can be done with both the press of the button down and its release. so if you are holding a kick down, then do qcf and release. you will get a dash

  6. bad inputs

  7. you are not finishing the second QCF, i had more of a problem with u2 coming out instead of ex-kazigiri till i started to use 2 kicks for EX moves.

  8. its registering your back from the first QCB, then you are going from down to downback = reverse dp.

  9. negative edging again?

  10. the orb takes quite a few frames to come out so its quite easy to jump, esp as for it to come out at close range they have to jump before the game can even start the orb.

They should make Ibuki’s U1 like Chun’s U2 in the sense that they can’t jump out of it if they’re at neutral when the ultra animation starts. Doesn’t make any sense that a little chinese girl’s kikosho has a bigger blast radius than a ninja’s ninjitsu.

Agree with Mingo and EDG on this one. Well, except the last post about Ibuki having an unjumpable command grab Ultra lol. Most of these issues sound like they have alot more to do with bad execution or, in the case of the air throw/raida, understanding a moves properties, rather than actual ‘glitches’.

Raida isn’t actually a command grab, as it can be blocked. It has no invincibility and relatively slow startup so it’s no surprise it trades really. Same goes for neckbreaker. The upside being that they are both incredibly easy to hit confirm. Not sure why you wouldn’t hit confirm neckbreaker all the time anyway, considering if it gets blocked you are eating massive damage from any half decent punish.

In short, if you are pissed at Ibuki in super because of these ?glitches?, your gonna be pissed in A.E also. Maybe hit up training mode alot more until you can work around/with the input shortcuts properly and find out her moves properties (like the air throws height restriction) or you could always pick up a less execution intensive character.

Edit: Didn’t mean to sound like a dick here btw dude. I just got the wrong end of the stick in regards to the ‘bugs and glitches’ thread title me thinks.

The move’s properties is exactly what we’re arguing. Not how it’s traditionally used in a real game (ie: after a combo or hit confirm).

The fact that raida shoots a rasengan out of Ibuki’s hand means no dumb normal should ever be able to beat it.

And the fact that Ibuki zooms across the floor at 100mph, grabs her non-blocking opponent, and snaps his/her neck, means no little jab should stop her.

I never said the raida neckbreaker trading isn’t dumb. I said, just because it does trade doesn’t mean it’s a ‘glitch’ or ‘bug’.

i have some problems with ibukis commands but they are different thn the ops… none of the ops problems are present in my game excepe for stupid raida/neckbreaker trade.

my problems:

raida/neckbreaker trade
walk backwards tsumuji = hien
stupidity of her sjc’s being as hard as they are (there is no reason for this, the leeway could be easier… like everything else in sf4)

and my biggest complaint by FAR:

random neckbreaker coming out when i do a cr.lp (happens when i walk towards someone after having blocked, also happens when i get crossed up and try to cr.lp themas they are landing.

yeah that one really pisses me off, doesnt happen much, but when it does i usually eat a throw into 50/50 or a 1/3 to 1/2 life combo…

very annoying.


Oh damn, completely forgot about this one. Gotta admit this is a really big problem for me also. I have never had any of the other problems mentioned here, but this happens all the time. Messes with my pressure game alot.

the walk backwards tsumuji is the same problem ppl have walking forward with ryu and try to do cr.mk to hadouken but get a shoryuken just hit down forward 1st then do tsumuji or better yet just do the raida motion then hit the kick button btw raida should have some invincibility since it’s not an actual grab especially against balrog that crap always happens when i fight him

^^^ no those dont work. you HAVE to wait before you do a tsumuji if you walked backwards.

also yeah i have no idea why raida has no invincibility. it surely needs some since it is -14 to -18 on block and isnt focus cancelable.


Those sucks balls, but i don’t think they will change it.
I’m ok with them trading, it will be sightly overpower if they bots beats any normals, but at least they should do a little damage on the “hit that trade”, and reset both characters to be safe.

Command Dash trading is probably intended, and imo it’s a good thing. However, Neckbreaker/Raida doing absolutely ZERO chip when they trade is annoying; it’s not as if it’s a safe move to begin with. I think I mention this sometime, but I’d like them to do at least something.

1-6 aren’t due to bad inputs/execution. 6-10 are, but they’re just shortcuts that annoy me.

  1. Ah, never knew that there was a minimum height. 4) The kunai/random punch isn’t a bad input, I’ve checked my replays, perfect execution. Happens randomly… has happened a couple times in training too and while playing locally, so it’s not online lag. 6) What’s negative edging? I still don’t think it should happen though, due to the fact that my last input was a punch and not a kick, so why would negative edging make it dash? 8) Think you read that wrong, I try to do ex-kazigiri but Ultra II comes out.

No problem, thanks for the input. I’m happy with Ibuki, despite the flaws I perceive her to have. She’s the only character I play, so I don’t plan on dropping her anytime soon. I’ve dedicated too much time learning her just to go to someone else lol.

Hahaha, I got a good laugh from this.

Yeah, I hate it but I know it’s intentional, that’s why I didn’t include it. But think about if it had the same properties of Abel’s roll? Would be awesome :slight_smile:

As ElMoucho and Izana said, if the opponent actually got hurt from raida/neckbreaker trading, it would atleast be fair since both characters would get hit. But as it stands now, we get hit, and they get a safe reset. But realistically, Dime mentioned the moves should have more invincibility, and I totally agree. I think that would fix the problem rather than adding trade damage.

hahahaha ^^; This has saved my life so many times. Never do it on purpose though.

my favorite is trying to tiger knee kunai and getting super :confused: