Ibuki wallpapers

First off these ARE NOT my work. They were posted by an artist on a 3d board I frequent. I just thought you guys would dig them so I’m linking them here.

originally posted in fan art, but was told they’d be better appreciated here. if a mod could delete the post in fan art i’d appreciate it.

Hm…pretty cool. :cool:

I like the first one.

They’re alright. I wish they were sprite based though

hehe, I actually dig this work more than the actual SF4 models. oh well :confused:

I think most people would agree.

Any more Ibuki wallpapers?

no ibuki, but here’s an image of another guy’s “american” Yun. both artists frequent the same forum.


:wonder: Yeah Dood is pleased (Ibuki is his main in 3rd)… dood.

The Yun one is pretty good. Looks like it should be in SoulCaliber for some reason.
Only thing I dont like about it is that its not Chinese. Yun is Chinese! Its a good cosplay though :rofl:

:lol: Cosplay. But yeah, that Yun one is pretty impressive. If it didn’t have stubble, I think it would look more comparable to 3rd Strike’s Yun, except, as noted, American.

:wonder: The Yun looks like he belongs in a Silent Hill game… dood.

first picture of ibuki, her left foot middle toe looks fucking huge. super all toe.

i don’t know. the yun kinda gives me that resident evil 4 vibe. or he could be a child molester. one of the two, your choice.

The fog has cleared!

What Silent Hill is that? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that one, and I played 1-4…or did I? :wonder: :eerie:

the ibuki one looks good from those angles. i’d like to see a normal camra shot of her to see how well he modeled her. can’t say i like the yun one. i agree that he looks a little creepy like a child molester

:u: I fixed the link. It’s not that they look the same, it’s just that Yun gives off that trucker vibe in those images and the style has that Silent Hill feel to it… dood.

link to the wip thread. wireframes and all.

:wonder: Silent Hill: Origins for PSP… dood.

That Ibuki is real nice. Although, as others have said, the face is a bit weird. Otherwise, everything else is really well done.

That Yun just creeps me out. It’s just so wrong seeing such a gritty and tough guy wearing that. It’s like having Kurt Russell as Raiden instead of Snake in a MGS movie. :rofl:

Those are very impressive!

thanks guys, im happy you guys like the Yun, i didnt make it chinese, but i knew it was a chinese guy, i just did the face first then i have adapt the body later…
I found this thread in google looking for my images heh… good to see someone posted my work here. I am sorry for the ppl who didnt like, it was a redesign tho.

See ya,

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