Ibuki statue

This is my Ibuki statue, sculpted originally from wood. She stands 17.5" tall from her head to her feet. Ibuki’s casted in a sturdy resin and her hair is a special super flexible resin to prevent snapping. Her clothes are real cloth and she has both her ninja and school uniform outfits.

Oh and she’s fully strip-able. PM me for NSFW pics or check them out here: http://tonyustatues.deviantart.com :slight_smile:

Ninja outfit:

And her alt School Uniform:

Up next:

why is ibuki cold

Wide eyes seem too far apart

something tells me something unimportant is more focused on and prioritized than the face and basic anatomy. that’s a common tendency for western ‘fetish’ artists

even your juri pic shows that it needs work. Look at the wide back, long horse face and weird spinal curve! The forearm length is too short too

Hey thanks for the crit, appreciate it :slight_smile: The nipples show and are a bit pointy because originally this was meant for ecchi collectors, but for those who don’t like that the clothes actually come with paddings. The eyes are fine, I made sure they align correctly with the edge of the nostrils as basic face anatomy requires. I guess in some pics they do look far apart because of her bangs going tangent with one of her eyes and giving off an illusion. I did’t follow the 3D model exactly for both Ibuki and Juri because they incorrect proportions.

As for Juri, this is a WIP and so I didn’t correct the keystone distortion from the camera, hence the long head. Also her bangs aren’t finished and secured yet and is still floating a bit high because of the switch underneath so it adds to the illusion that her face is Sarah Jessica Parker-ish. That’s also not a spinal curve, you won’t be able to see the spinal curve in this pic given the angle of the shot. That’s her latissimus dorsi to her obliques and the curve near her armpits are part of her shoulder blades. As for the forearm length, it’s hard to see correct arm lengths at this shot because they’re foreshortened. I’ll post better pics soon :slight_smile:

Oh btw, I’m not “western” :wink:

I personally think they’re pretty great myself. I’m not really into the whole ‘nude’ statue thing, but art is art, and I think you have some pretty good talent. Keep up the good work.

hey, have you thought about taking or downloading the 3d models of the characters that are blank modded?
yunno, the 3d models that just shows the 3d form without the color features or details but just shows the actual x y z axis of the faces.
its just the faces that need a tad more work. but if you look at the 3d models of the face when they are still without features, then it’ll help alot in getting their nuance.

damn dat ibuki


more ibuki](‘http://imgur.com/a/hAU0y’)

Not a big fan of the face, but overall I must say the amount of work you put into it is hella marvelous. I don’t have that kind of patience when working with wood.

Also, the term you want to be using to describe clothes being removable is “cast-off”.

i just visited your deviant art page and i have to say all of your work is stunning !