Ibuki Season 2017 Changes

Vitality has increased 900 to 950
Forward Step:
The entire motion has been changed 17F to 16F
Airborne time during jump has been changed 40F to 38F
Yamikazura (Forward throw):
Stun damage has decreased 170 to 120
CA meter gain has decreased
Kubiori (Reverse grab):
Damage has increased 130 to 140
 Stun damage has increased 170 to 200
 CA meter gain has increased

Tobizaru (Airborne throw):
 Throw range has been decreased
 The hurtbox during motion has been expanded downwards

Standing LK:
 Adjusted so that a whiff can’t be cancelled with a V-Trigger
Standing MK:
 Hitbox startup has been changed 5F to 6F
 Movement recovery has been changed 15F to 14F
 Advantage on-hit has been changed ±0F to +5F
 Advantage on-block has been changed -1F to +2F
 Knockback distance on-hit and block has been decreased
 Forward hitbox has been decreased

Standing HK:
 On crush counter, the opponent hitstun has been increased +7F
Crouching LP:
 Advantage on-block has been changed +1F to +2F
 Active frames for hitbox has been extended 2F to 3F

Crouching LK:
 Changed so that it can be button mash cancelled in to crouching LP
Crouching MP:
 Moved the motion starting point forward when receiving damage or motion is cancelled
o Position of hitbox, hurtbox, and collision box have been adjusted.

 Movement recovery has been changed 16F to 19F on whiff only
o There is no change to the advantage on-hit or block

 Advantage on-hit has been changed +5F to +6F
V-reversal – Hanagasumi:
 Recovery on-hit has been added
 Hitbox has been expanded forwards

Kunai/Airborne Kunai:
 Decreased CA meter gain on activation
 Increased CA meter gain on-hit or block
 Delayed the CA cancel timing so that V-reversals are easier to perform when opponent blocks.
 Fixed issue where L Airborne Kunai hits as a counter, the bendback time was extended by 3F

Kunai Ikkinage/Airborne Kunai Ikkinage:
 Decreased CA meter gain on activation
Kunai Hoju:
 Motion recovery has been shortened 3F
 Sped up the timing that Kunai is refilled

EX Kunai Hoju:
 Newly added an EX version
o 3 - 6 (on button hold) Kunai will be refilled

 Changed so that a jump attack can be performed during motion recovery
 Increased CA meter gain on-hit and block
 Pushback distance on-block has been decreased

EX Raida:
 Projectile invincible frames have been changed from 3F - 9F to 1F - 9F.
 The KO timing has been changed to the first hit

 Damage has been decreased 350 to 340

F Word tweeted this so far


She now gets an EX restock for her kunais. Most likely will be hcb+KK as a command. Get a super reload for your kunais at the cost of a bar. I could see it reloading 3 or more kunais with short recovery. We’ll find out soon.

s.MK being plus is a nice buff since you’ll now be able to still hit another button more easily after it. Makes it stronger to frame trap with especially towards the corner also. Plus you no longer lose your turn after getting it blocked and since it’s her best ranged confirm/whiff punish tool that helps a lot. No more having to get almost right next to them with s.MP or having to burn meter off c.MP to get plus frames.

Even though I said it wouldn’t happen, apparently now she can cancel normals out of her glide. I imagine this still won’t be great and her air buttons are still pretty bad.

V Trigger is still 3 bars and unchanged from what I’ve heard. Which is fine since I don’t think her V Trigger is amazing as people say any way. Better neutral tools will make it so she’ll have to rely on it less any way.

Hit it right on the nail. Literally the only limitation I felt she had. Now charge kunai big damage confirms can actually open up her damage or make her generally more flexible overall. Provided the speed on the ex refill is strong. Personal opinion was and still is that was the single most important buff she could use. Everything else is whatever.

According to FWord it was useless, but I’ll take your word for it.

With all the nerfs hitting other high tier characters, Ibuki should be in a good spot. You are right in that damage and dizzy situations will be easier to choose a combo for now that you won’t be worried about destroying your kunai stock to do heavy damage in one combo.

I still would like a light or medium poking button that isn’t surrounded by hurtbox, but she’s meant to either stall at far range or get in and win so I guess they’re keeping her between those two styles.

honestly, i thnk the lone change of people being unable to mash dp out of setups (have to spend bar) and raida wakeup alone means we are in a much better position than before. dont need to respect anyones wakeup, endless pressure. and for ibuki nothing changes because we always had that life.

Yeah this is mostly just quality of life stuff after this. Just gonna focus on getting gud and finding other setups.

Hopefully all the current setups are still intact. Wonder if they messed with Sako EX kunai reset or not.

I wouldn’t take Fword’s word on things being useless. He never believed in the character to begin with so that’s very telling already.

Canceling the glide with buttons I don’t see it being that great either unless she can glide from a lower height(she can do a low glide only during hk dash during her fall). I kind of hope it isn’t a thing tbh, because it would look goofy as hell if part of her gameplan revolved around instant glide crossup shenanigans.

As for ex reload, it wasn’t on my wish list, but I’ll gladly take it. Depending on how fast ex reload is, it could be useful if you are pushing your opponent into the corner already and could use another kunai or two. I’ve started trying to implement jump in kunais what not so I’ve been using more kunais than usual lately. I usually reload after a v-skill, ex dp, or I’ll end a combo with hp raida. Maybe now we can be a bit more liberal with our kunais and still maintain pressure if we have a way to reload close up without it being so risky.

S.mk plus on block would be nice. I wonder if it will be at least +3 on hit then? That would open up more things like ch s.mk into s.mk tc or s.mp.

If damage buffs are true too, Vtrigger can def stay the same. Maybe the bomb can do more damage, or maybe not count toward scaling.

I feel like as long as other characters cheap shit gets nerfed its a super buff to ibuki since scrambles are highly unfavorable to her

Oof, EX reload was the lazier option in tweaking her Kunai ammo system, and really kind of hurts her a bit, unless it’s much better than I am imagining. Ibuki has always been a ridiculously meter intensive character, and in SFV that is no different. That is just another move to burn meter on. I want to hope that her reload as a whole get slightly faster as well, or even just the multiple Kunai stage of her reload got sped up. I really was kind of hoping for the ability to sacrifice pressure for a safe reload, but really, the only way you can do that at all meterless is by using her target combo – something which if you’re landing you are NOT going to give up the pressure on to reload.

It’s not surprising they are altering glide, since it was a 99% useless move. However, that change without any other alterations will keep it likely as a 95% useless move. Her aerial normals, unless tweaked, are way too bad to be of any use after a glide. This would be less so if she can cancel her glide earlier than she can now – which currently is pretty insanely long.

+1 MK on block puts her back on the territory of 3S Ibuki. Now if only it was cancelable…

I think we’re getting pretty shafted on Ibuki info. Don’t think we really had anyone there sniping info for us, and what we have heard has been questionable. Too many things I’m curious to see if they got changed, like her natural overhead being faster or being +4 instead +3, so you can get consistent damage off of it. Changes to her Kunai releases as well, which are moves which may well naturally become better if she can somehow gain Kunai back more organically, but are currently not at all worth the risk reward.

Now if EX reload is super fast and I can do reload combos and shit – then that’s something. Anyway, looking forward to seeing the changes. The universal throw nerf doesn’t hurt her too much, her throws were already pretty meh. We’ll have to see…

yeah, would’ve been nice to get the patch notes we were promised to get today

if EX reload is any good, at least you can now extend combos with kunai release and pretend you are spending a bar to do more dmg

There is nothing lazy about an ex reload as an option. Out of all the potential buffs it actually makes the most sense and was quite baffling that she released without it. Ibuki as she is right now is a damn fine character restricted by the very design that makes her what she is, “stock” and the limitation problems with getting them back unless ur opponent is passive. With this buff she ultimately becomes more versatile/flexible. The biggest buff to come out of it would be more practical access to her single hit buffer, shimmy, or combo charged kunai confirms for big damage (something she could always do) without being forced to battle it out with no more resources once used. That’s three different neutral scenarios to now have a practical approach to big damage without the need for v-trigger or traditional meter burn It while still acting as a balancing act for the character. By that I mean Ibuki has a ton of opportunities or chances as a character and shouldn’t be running around doing big damage without resources but now using up her key resource is more viable.

Other buff scenarios include a more proficient zoning game. Perfect for situations where 1 or 2 kunai will get the kill and u don’t wanna over extend. Or you want to maintain that key range in fireball wars against Nash and Guile for example but know sooner than later u’ll run out (now you can fast re-stock). Faster access to kunai is even better in the Gief matchup. Charge kunai raw in that matchup now is reasonably more practical for whiff punishing or dealing with his flex and armor punch since its multi-hit. The list goes on. One final personal strat I mess around with now becomes even more potent. Sometimes I use nothing but v-reversal and charge kunai confirms in over v-trigger right now because her v-reversal as all Ibuki players should know now gives a free throw/shimmy/frame trap situation regardless of normal or back tech. Ex reload just enforces that as an even more powerful numerous opportunity strat. The reason I have Ibuki over Balrog and Bison in the matchup for example is literally everything they press from mediums, heavies, to specials is a FREE v-reversal and both run heavy buttons for the real pressure and damage opportunities. I have Ibuki over Rashid for similar reasons as well and on top of it all ex raida goes right throw the non ex or ex tornado block strings from any range that is so crucial for him.

Ex reload provided the speed is actually truly significant and she get’s at least three back would open crazy doors for her versatility, damage, clutch situations, and matchup improvements. It’s literally in the grand scheme the only thing that matters. Anything else is just a bonus. I’d personally like to see st.mp at +3 and cr.mp at +0 since Ibuki’s buttons have sizeable pushback on block and no tick throws but that’s personal unnecessary wishlist that I really could care less about because she doesn’t need it.

I’m very interested in how they implement the glide changes… For one they would need to fix the air TC so that you HAVE to block the 2nd hit standing so that she has some sorta mix up off jump in (With glide too perhaps?) Me personally I wouldn’t mind air shenanigans, would make her more twelve like, at least she will be unique in that respect?

I’m wondering if the + normal is also for on hit, maybe MP is +5 so that she has medium links without counter hits? Would help in not burning meter on poking into EX kunai footsies? Speaking of EX kunai, I hope they give her different air versions, so that you can use it from closer range

i wouldnt count on mp mp confirms. just not happening

Any mention of her damage being buffed?

They said was it would be a sneak peak, not the full patch notes. 15 more days.

I’ve been hearing things on twitter about damage buffs so most likely.

At high level medium medium honestly isn’t that necessary since one hit confirms and counter hit combos usually take precedence over that. Medium medium are essentially Marvel 3 ABCS BBCS or SFxT ABC boost of this game. They’re nice training wheels before you get to the stuff you’ll use more often.

Was really hoping for a cap on the max number of kunai for a kunai release (like maybe 4 max in the same spreads) that would allow for some more kunai release combos, instead of an ex reload, but I’m happy with more options at least. I think the biggest issue with this solution is that kunais were only really particularly strong with meter, so now you’re going to need 2 bars to really get what you’re looking for. I really think that kunai need a bit of a general boost in utility or power to justify what they cost, especially the release options.

Anyone know if the they made st. MK plus by lowering recovery or by adding blockstun? The latter could be really good for cancels (command dash or v trigger) if they went that route.

Dunno much about s.mk other than plus 1.

This generic change to white health should be interesting for Ibuki. Really gonna pay to force buttons on people now.


im not a fan of ex kunai reload, my offense feels gutted without ex kunai toss frame traps

Yeah it’ll be situation but at least the option is there instead of having to get space to refill.