Ibuki Match-ups in USF4

Hey guys,
I’ve noticed that there hasn’t been much update in the Ibuki match-up and strategy sticky’d thread which I found weird especially seeing as there have been a lot of changes in since Ultra has dropped.
Anyway to the point, recently I have been finding some match-ups which I believe were a lot easier in AE:2012 feeling a lot harder now in Ultra. For example I feel that Rose and Chun-li match-ups have both gotten a lot harder since the update, as well as characters like El Feurte. What are your opinions? Also how do you feel Ibuki stacks up against the new characters that were introduced in Ultra? I feel some Hugo styles, and Poison gives me a lot of issues.

So yeah, id love to get some fellow Ibuki players insight on the changes ultra brought, and how you believe some match-ups have changed. What Characters are you having trouble with? Which ones feel easier?
I was hoping to write out a big list with my own personal views on the match-ups (ibuki vs ibuki 10-0 for example :smiley: ) But its late now and ill have to do it tomorrow night.

I’m keen to hear what you guys have to say!

*Apologies if this isn’t the correct place to post this, I’m not super familiar with the SRK forums as I usually just lurk around here.

Forum looks empty as hell, but i will share my recent experiences.

Ibuki got lots of changes but any of there were that overwhelming or game changing, so the most useful buff was probably cr.lp and the one more juggle from the raida. She can’t perform combos into red focus like most of the characters, her U2 range wasn’t buffed, and is useless if hits airborne. Kazekiri got buffed but still gets stuffed if you perform much earlier, and the Tsujigoe buff is probably the useless one for a move we will never use. I think Ibuki problem from Arcade Edition didn’t go away, which is the Wonky hitboxes of many characters that has in the game, most of the characters she can’t hit properly get away a lot by not taking the damage she could deal, and when there is a combination of someone with a already good defense, situational battle and wonky hitbox the matchup just becomes a nightmare.

You will feel some difficulty against match-ups where you can’t properly set up kunai traps with ease or characters you can’t loop with tsumuji, and much harder on much up where you can’t do both, i think her harder match-ups now are, Guy, Gouken, Blanka, Yun and maybe Decapre and Cammy.