Ibuki combo timing, help

Ibuki’s standing high kick to jumping high kick timing is so strict any tips, also post some other combos if you wouldnt mind. I like ibuki but the time on her moves seem very strict.

The best way I can think of to explain it is to tap j.HK as soon as Ibuki rises. It’s really not hard at all if you’re not mashing it. As for combos, there’s a thread up: Ibuki COMBO Thread!

Hmm…I don’t find the timing hard, and I’m not a great player… Are you sure you’re jump cancelling the s.HK? Might be jumping after the recovery, which obviously won’t work.

Sounds like you just need to hit the lab and do it about 1000 times or so, haha. You’ll get it, I’m sure :slight_smile: Just takes some practice.

What else are you having trouble with? Maybe there is a common issue that will rectify all of the problems at once.

It’s definitely easier to land this on some characters than others. Big guys like Bob and Sagat give you a lot of wiggle room for the timing.

I think it may even be impossible on the shorter characters if you’re trying to HK them off the ground.

thanks still not perfect but i can get it about 50% of the time now still working at it