Ibuki Blockstrings and Mix-ups

i need a place to have this knowledge at my fingertips… i actually forget alot of my blockstrings that i find, also others might find a string or 2 that they didnt know about and may want to add to there game.


i dont want this to be a discussion thread, all blockstrings in streetfighter 4 that arent chained, are inherently risky and are NEVER guaranteed. if you dont like a string then dont use it. if you feel there are some powerful strings that deserve to be broken down a bit further then bring it to one of the stickies where discussion of these things should take place… this is simply a log.

however feel free to post annotations on why your strings are useful and what characters/types of opponents they work on.

i myself will be adding new strings to this post regularly if i find any new ones that i feel are interesting. i will also try to keep the strings as simple as possible. and try to only post ones that i feel arent being seen regularly, if at all.


  1. cr.lkx2, karathrow
  2. cr.lp,close st.hk xx sjc cr.fp (hitconfirmable, if blocked do something random, ibuki is only at minus 2 after the blocked dash here… a good mixup would probably be ex kaza or cr.lk starter)
  3. close st.lp xx st.mp xx lk hien.
  4. (2 hit tc9) xx lk or hk dash (i RARELY use hk dash here, i rarely use hk dash in ground string strings at all, but i’m going to start throwing it into my game about once a round i think and see where that gets me… its pretty risky)
  5. tc6 xx neutral jump instant mp kunai.
  6. the feeling myself or “man your a fucking turtle” blockstring: tc4 xx lk dash, (2hit) tc9 xx lk dash, cr.lp xx lk dash> throw. stupidstring that is just too fun not to do, i rarely get hit out of it cause i look for my opponent to be susceptible to it)


  1. hammer kick (f+mk)
  2. tc6
  3. neutral jump mk
  4. tc4 xx whatever.
  5. hk command dash (ONLY after training the op with late jumping hk… definitely not a standard

in general i try to mixup about once every 3 jumpins or so and do one of the above… it keeps the opponent on there toes and i’ve found it working out to my benefit in certain matchups like against characters that have hard to use AA’s… i certainly wouldnt neutral jump a shoto as a standard option… but it seems decent versus dudley as an example, if its not predictable.


neutral throw is my best vortex starter against gouken… actually at this point in time its my only vortex starter versus gouken… heres the mixups:

1.hk command dash instant crossup kunai (this is the reason why all of the other mixups work, gouken cant react to it, however as standalone mixup its weak for reasons that i wont go into… too many to list)

also note that a non crossup kunai can be done here.

  1. hk command dash>hk command dash (this the mixup that keeps mixup one working, still even when mixup 1 and 2 are going they will start to fail if thats all ibuki is doing)

  2. hk command dash>mk command dash ( a fakeout for mixup 2, gives mixup 2 more mileage)

  3. lk command dash> instant crossup kunai ( a seldom used mixup cause a slight pause is needed before or after the dash to hit the kunai meaty but not miss, which can telegraph it, and thusly get ibuki eating a wakeup counter. can also be done as a non crossup.

other mixups that i want to throw in that have proven effective messing with the opponents blocking after neutral throw:

  1. walk backwards > hk dash ( could be a really good alternative to mixup 2 as far as giving mixup 1 more mileage and gives more damage since ibuki will always be in range for tc4)

  2. stand still> normal jump crossup kunai.

mixups that i havent tried yet but may work well:

  1. stand jab> normal jump crossup kunai

  2. stand jab> lk dash > target combo

the reason for all of the mixups and different jabs and stand stills,slight pauses and walk backwards is to give the opponent to much information to process in the 1 sec that they have to see the setup in. otherwiswe the mixups start to telegraph themselves.

this is to basically make a TRUE 50/50 as to which side the opponent has to block without letting them sniff out a telegraph… cause ibuki telegraphs ALL of her mixups.

running all 4 of the first mixups has allowed me to be able to vortex gouken without eating many counters or getting overly blocked.

unfortunately i still havent found a good mixup strategy after tsumuji or neckbreaker versus gouken, so thats my next task. sj kunai is useless versus gouken as is lk crossup mixups… even when combined and alternated. nekbreaker leaves gouken in a weird waking position where he will push ibuki backwards as he gets up which wont allow her to tc gouken on wakeup and it also stops ibuki from having a throw threat versus gouken on wakeup since he pushes her outside of her throw range… its complete bs.

so thats a start, theres alot of other non standard stuff that can be thrown in but i want to check them in offline play a bit more…

this is not to be a list of all of ibukis theoretical strings and mixups, just good ones that arent necessarily easy to figure out.

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTRIBUTE… the only thing i ask is not to post any standard combos like cr.lpx2,st.lp… we all know about that and the other standard stuff that ibuki can do.


Couple things I’ve been messing around with lately…

Getting a jump in on someone starting cr.lp x2, st.lp. This is the only safe thing you can do with Ibuki if you start jabs on someone after a jump in, any move after that stand jab will get you uppercuted, crouch jabbed, etc.

Here’s where it gets good though. In my opinion, that standing jab is VITAL to her. Her crouching jab gives +3 but the stand gives +4. That +4 is needed because her st.mk comes out in 6 frames leaving 2 for the opponent. As we know… throw, some crouching jabs, and DP’s all have 3 frame start ups.

If you feel like getting ballsy after doing the st.jab into st.mk it will either A.) beat out a mashing jabber or B.) trade with a DP and you get knocked away as well as him.

If you are getting beat by crouch techers, do cr.jab x2, st.jab into F.HK. I just starting using this, shit beats out crouch OS techers, and gives some nice counter hit damage. Gotta teach them to not press buttons so you can start doing her close game.

If you’re playing anyone good, lk dash mixups are just going to get you grabbed.

…unless you do them on hit.

no one that i know that is good crouchtechs more than 3 times in a row whereas doing the anti crouchtech string that you posted requires that the opponent crouchtechs 4 times…

usualy what happens is the opponents will crouchtech 2-3 times and then stop and just jab on reaction if they see a pause. so, iow that string wont be that great… also people like to focus after the st.lp to try and lvl 1 crumple the mk tsumuji… the st.hk would get owned up right there.

but other than that i agree with what you wrote.

i find that i just need to train them with other stuff, and keep my ground strings varied so that they dont know where the cancels will be nor whether or not they will be canceled into other stuff… primarily mk tsumuji.

also i find the exact opposite, good players are easier to dash mixup than bad ones… bad players are just going to jab anytime they see a pause in the action… good players will do it as well but the difference is that good players can be trained, they learn, bad players cant be trained like you cant train flowchart kens to NOT think of blocking and srking like its a mixup…


Sorry if the stuff looked obvious but there’s a lot of people that don’t understand frame data and I was just trying to help the new players if they don’t get why they are getting DP’ed out of trying to link that st.mk on block and why st.lp is a great normal for her.

Also, you can do just 2 cr.lp’s into the F.HK as well, doesn’t work on boxer mashing jabs though. In regards to focus, yeah they can focus it but then you just bait it out next time if they start doing that, stutter standing jabs into them or go for a throw.

And yeah I don’t crouch OS tech more than 3 times unless im playing a ken, but if someone IS doing it, then its good to know how to counter it and get some free damage.

So far I haven’t seen this posted, but I don’t follow the Ibuki section nearly as much as I used to. Every Ibuki player seems to like to save themselves from TC6 by jump canceling backward, neutral jumping -> whatever, or JC forward for cross up or kunai mixup. Ok, ok, it’s not a bad tactic, but for solid ground spacing something like that may get you killed, especially simply NJ…where you can eat a lot of shit from someone paying attention.

Start the TC, if you see they are blocking it, finish it off like this:
TC6 -> SJC mk.tsumuji

It’s my favorite block string, it works great for multiple things, and doesn’t rely on jump away/jump in mixups you may screw up and eat a ton of damage for. Nor does it rely on doing unsafe CD shenanigans.

  1. Safe, it takes advantage of her safest blocked special move, mk.tsumuji
  2. Meter build, takes advantage of her longest TC, so you tend to build a lot of meter.
  3. Space, it puts you in great range for kara throw and frame traps if done from deep
  4. Easy, the SJC is brain dead easy to do.

Simple, easy…but so far I’ve not seen anyone use it except for me, but perhaps I’m just not paying much attention these days.

^Just to say. That is NOT a true block string and CAN be reversel’d inbetween BUT it will beat all versions of Ryu’s DP except EX. It is indeed useful but is unsafe like the others.
However if you want a true block string use lk tsumuji. Can NOT be reversel’d inbetween.
Note that you would need some kind of psychic read to know that a tsumuji and its the mk and to use EX. So overall I’m just babbling.

Edit- You can also sjc into hien to try to hit with a super.

How exactly does EX dp beat something that mp.dp doesn’t? Besides a jumpin against a mistimed dp.

good stuff phreak! i TOTALLY forgot about that string, yeah its good for all of the reasons that you posted, thx for contributing :tup:

also, ive noticed that that superjump cancel into tsumuji or raida is easy as hell… so why is it harder to sjc into kasumi gake??? lol dont bother to answer i’m just thinking out loud.


Hmm your right. They all have the same startup except EX DP has 16 invincibility frames instead of 4…so why does MP DP beat it clean? MP DP hits on its firsts active frames?
Jab DP and Fierce DP trades.

Jab/Fierce DP only have 2 invincibility startup frames out of 3. Compared to Strong DP’s 4 invincibility frames.

Any grounded Target combo that can be canceled into a LK Tsumuji is safe, and acts as a blockstring. And the distance that LK tsumuji places you in is not an issue since it can usually mean a perfectly spaced slide afterwards. Mixing up the strings with MK Tsumuji can usually net you a majority of the stuff phreak posted with an added bonus of being about to be in perfect range for cr.MP, and st.MK pokes (can work as counter hits in most cases).

And, not sure if Im correct but if you cancel a cr.MP into LK CD you should be safe from a majority of things outside of Reversal DP, or 3 frame jabs. So, generally speaking, I like to apply pressure in various ways where in some cases if I do a blockstring into MK Tsumuji I’ll cr.MP afterwards to LK CD and be back in the same advantagious positioning as I was before.

Edit- I also forgot to mention that in the event that the LK tsumuji does connect by chance then you can usually go into a Loop as long as you know each characters loop possibilites. that’s actually main reason why 90% of my Tsumuji’s are LK’s since I can usually loop characters afterwards.

Corner mixup
Combo->EX Tsumuji->c.FP->Mix up of your choice.
Try it out
Note however that sjc cmd dash will NOT crossup like you would hope.

WAITTTTTTTTTTT you can do cr. jab > cl. RH >sjc>cr.fierce?!

You’d have to SJC into command dash or something. You can’t just SJC into another normal.

srry its a typo… i just got lazy… yeah you have to sjc into lk command dash then juggle with cr.fp.


LAAAATE response.

That is a good point, although you’re dancing around the fact that after pretty much any command dash in blockstrings you put yourself right in your opponents face at a serious frame disadvantage. I mean, I’ll sneak in a lk CD and go for the grab until it gets teched and then maybe throw out raida to stop that. But all in all, a legitimately GOOD opponent will not fall for these shenanigans as they are all stopped by OS teching after the CD. The throw will get teched every time, any normal you try to put out will get stuffed, and any special move will be blocked and punished hard. And sure, you said people don’t crouch tech more than 2-3 times in a block string, but reacting to the command dash is waaaaay too easy to mess around with it. Lets call it gimmicky at best.

And what I said about doing it on hit is just for the mindgames, I mean… It just doesn’t make sense, why would someone do that. No one good will be mashing through your target combo if theyre getting hit by it, so the dash into grab works pretty swell. Also nets a little more damage for those resets after stun.

As far as block strings go, standing strong is a great way to get counter hits. Standing forward and sweep both combo off of it on hit, and on block they’ll have “that” gap in between for anyone who’s button happy.

Don’t do that! It leaves you open to a lotttt of things. If its working you’re catching people very off gaurd. low strong, on block, has roughly 14 frames of hitstun (my “understanding” of frame data tells me so). lk CD is 20 frames. -6. Punished. I mean, I also play a little gief, and i have this bad habit of comboing into lp hand thinking im going to get a free SPD afterwards, because that shit works online since bad kids don’t know. Too bad it leaves you at -5 on hit and it has yet to do anything but get me combo’d offline.

Double post

Where are you getting the frame data for Ibuki’s command dashes?

Index of /cicada

Unsure of the legitimacy, but it sounds right.