Ibuki Basics/Tips for Beginners

Here are some basic rules and tips. Feel free to add other Ibuki players.

Far Anti-Air attacks: b+Roundhouse, Kazekiri
Near Anti-air attacks: b+Strong, Kazekiri, Roundhouse, Raida (parry)
Best Air vs. Air attacks: Fierce->Forward, Forward, Roundhouse
Best Stun attacks: Strong, b/twd+Roundhouse
Ranged Pokes: b/twd+Roundhouse, b+Forward, C.Forward (both versions apply)
Close Pokes: t+Short x3, JAB!
Not Recommended: Far Fierce, C.Fierce, j.Strong
Best combo starters: Short, b+Strong, Jab
Most Abusable Attack: t+Roundhouse, C.Forward
Command overhead attack: t+Forward
Best super: Kasumi Suzaku
Best Ground Kara-Cancel: Forward, Roundhouse (Not the best, but they suffice)
Best Air Kara-Cancel: Eh…nothing of good use here.

-Crouching characters take an extra 25% damage.
-There are no Major Counter hits in this game.
-Special attacks receive less damage penalties in a combo.


Ripped straight out of Arlieth’s FAQ, section two.

Arlieth’s FAQ (if it’s the GameFAQs one) is pretty OLD’D. Some of it is useful but that FAQ came out long before there was a lot of real Ibuki footage or Ibuki discussion on forums. It was also back during the time when everyone was complaining over the fact that Ibuki got toned down (which makes sense because she was near broken in the last game). No one wanted to talk about a character that was nowhere near as good as she was in the last game.

People pretty much abandoned her for the “better” characters and it hasn’t been until recently that people have understood that she’s even a viable character (as far as in the US). So anyone who did want to learn Ibuki didn’t have much to go on and just learned stuff through experimentation. Unless you went to Japan there was really no way to learn how to play a solid Ibuki.

Arlieth doesn’t even use Ibuki anymore. At least not in tournaments.

I could never abandon Ibuki. <3 I seriously learned how to use Ibuki a couple years ago by watching Aruka. But before Aruka i really didn’t know how to use her all that well, i was still searching for a character i wanted to use and i ended up choosing her and liking her a lot.

Also its kinda funny how in the last few ranbats Ive been in, I end up fighting Arlieth. It’s like Ibuki is coming back to haunt him.

How do you do vs. him? I see his Mak is pretty solid. Does he use SA1 or 2 on you? Eric Kim (basically top Mak on East Coast after FRX) always picks Seichusen against me because Ibuki is weak and the super does like half life on her no matter what. SA2 works but Ibuki moves around a lot and SA1 allows for more ways to combo into damage. 2 comboed EX hayates can pretty much end the game any ways.

His Makoto is really good. Ive had to face him 3 different times in 3 different ranbats. Ive taken him out two times out of the three. Ive also played him in casuals, where he completely murdered me, he had like close to 40 wins playing like a group of 5 guys.

He uses SA1 on me, i find that a lot of Makoto players use SA1 against Ibuki. With SA1 if you aren’t careful one hit can potentially lead to somebody get a hurt real bad, so i guess thats why SA1 is preferred on ibuki. And just like you said SA2 is harder to land on ibuki since she moves so much.