I wish you could pick ANY three characters

OK, I’m bored. :xeye:
If another CvS comes, Capcom should make it so we can pick any three characters with any groove. That would make the game a whole lot more interesting and fun to play.
Shit like…

A-Vega, C-Ken, N-Chun
K-Kyo, A-Sak, C-Sagat
N-Iori, A-Blanka, K-Cammy
C-Sak, A-Eagle, K-Sagat
A-Sak, A-Blanka, A-Bison…oh wait. :pleased:

Just for shits and giggles, post yours.

you stole my dream team

P-rolento or C-sagat/P-cammy/A-blanka would be my team




it might actually have the opposite effect, where you never see characters in their “bad grooves”. like A-cammy’s…err can’t think of any other …heh…various vega grooves…etc

if i could pick any 3 characters, i might even use S groove Cammy.

but my dream team would be

C yamazaki, A sak, A rolento
C yamazaki, A rolento, K cammy
A/N vega, P cammy, A rolento
N chun, A bison, A rolento
a sak, a sak, c sagat
a sak, k cammy, c sagat

im too used to K now… or else I wouldnt be able to punish Sagats DP

K Kyo K Rock K ??

If CvS3 did this, they’d really have to tone down the top 5 and test the shit out of all new characters. Or else I’d wager you’d see even less team variety. And no meter should be saved when you lose a character. Allowing that between single and mult-leveled systems like CFJ did is stupid, and S and K wouldn’t transfer that well anyway.

My team- A-Rugal/S-Rolento/N-Iori or S-Chang

Other characters I’d use- K-Geese/S-Yuri

A-Blanka, C-Kim, K-Cammy R2

It would totally fuck the game up and make some teams unplayable. If I wanted a P-groove character on my team I would have to play other P-groove characters or else I would maybe get one bar full if I’m lucky. Well not unplayable just unpractical.

Hey, I lead off with A-Cammy for the A-Cammy, Rolento, Sakura/Blanka team : P

But, my team would probably be K-Akuma, A-Cammy, C-Sagat

How would S groove work in this situation? Like if I played S-Sagat/A-Sak/A-Bison because the bar transfer would be very weird since S groove can charge for bar.