I wish there was a way to play 3S online*

*that isn’t a shitty laggy mess

as for playing 3rd Strike online? lol

at this point it’s a wonder I still have 3soe on my HDD

3SOE plays fine online. quit your bitching brah

If you don’t mind not having start-up frames, and every character gets a Wesker teleport, then I agree.

Just last night did I notice the skips are either start up frames or walking frames.

Didn’t help. I just happened to notice it.

Btw, playing Real Steel 3s Short edition was fun.

Impossible Son. If you live in Cali though and have good internet then you’re golden. Then again if you live in Cali you don’t HAVE to play online anyway.

Not true. I can’t use arcade stick and have been so busy so I’m stuck with console online 3S. :frowning:

Console offline isnt horrible. Though there are STILL sound glitches OFFLINE. I think that somebody should slap the taste out of Derek Neals mouth for that one. But yeah Offline isnt horrible.

Let me rephrase that offline isn’t horrible if you arent using a 360 controller. If you are then you have my sympathy. Also you could just play with real life friends/family members too get that 3s itch scratched.