I want to get into fighting games, but I have absolutely no one to play with

I’ve been a gamer since I was 8. My first game was Street Fighter II for my SNES–nearly ALL my friends would come over after school every night to play it.

My friends slowly grew out of gaming over the years. By now, all they play is Call of Duty and Madden. They don’t even “get” fighting games anymore, they simply mash buttons. I know if I called some of them over it would just be stupid and ridiculous–believe me, I’ve tried it before.

So at 18 I mostly play single player games. I’m really into shooters/shmups, as well as RPGs and niche games. But the bulk of my gaming is shooters–I believe I’ve put hundreds, possibly thousands of hours into shooters over the past few years. It feels, however, that I’m “missing” the other part of arcade gaming–fighters.

I figure, I have all of the equipment since I play so many shmups (modded consoles, arcade sticks, etc), so I should maybe try fighters again. My biggest problem is that I just have no one that would seriously play with me! I mean, my brother would probably mash around on the controller for awhile but then get bored. All my friends really don’t game anymore.

I could go online, but all I have for online-capable consoles is a 360. Arcades around me are dead–the only thing I’ve seen is a Marvel vs. Capcom 2 cabinet. Any suggestions? I mean, are some fighters actually fun on your own? And is online that good on some consoles, that it feels like you’re actually playing against someone?

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Get a regular Xbox,and then buy Street Fighter:Anniversary Collection for the Xbox.Street Fighter:Anniversary Collection doesn’t work for the Xbox 360.

Street Fighter Anniversary Collection (XBOX) + Xbox Live
problem solved.

Most of us old Arcade goers have moved indoors to the living room with a console and a TV.

I cannot believe that you cannot find anyone to play with. Have you tried searching the forums of the game of your choice for people to play with? Where do you live? I am sure that you can find a small pocket of people that play fighters. Do not be afraid to make new friends.

This is why I can’t wait for the first competitive fighting game for DS WiFi.

Neverending Comp…:lovin:

Basically, the only people that play video games at my school are either WoW addicts or just Madden players.

Maybe I’ll find a few friends in college that like fighters.

kaillera and mame is an even easier option to xbox+live
though there isnt the newer games on it (3s, cvs2, mvc2)

Kaillera +Marvel vs capcom =crack!

Here’s some video of it in play:


Use IE

Just find any online fighting game to learn the basics of footsies, waku up games, baits and mixup + combos. Then you could start any streetfighter with an idea of what to do.

Hard to believe NO ONE in your area is interested in fighters.

Have you tried posting in the regional matchmaking thread? If you look, you might be surprised by a bunch of closet (or not really closet) gamers that you probably didn’t know about. Where do you live, anyway?

Well, you havent said where you’re from. I’ve met a LOT of people online who are in the same area as me just by checking out matchfinders and such. Just cause your immediate group of friends doesnt play fighters doesnt mean nobody in your area does.

And if that fails, xbl ftw.

LOL I know there’s a WoW version of Myspace…

We should do the same for Fighting Game fans…

I mean like come on Fighting games are like so last week, its all about halo :rolleyes:

where are you located

It’s been the same for me for about 4-5 months now. I’ve been seriously trying to get into fighting games, but only thing I can practice is execution, and without a stick yet, even that’s a challenge with a pad.

But yeah, where are you located?


Kaillera is balls if you’re playing on a public server. Hence why I rarely play anymore on the public servers.

If you have a 360 try DOA. Simple to get into and dependind on where you live you just get some offline comp. Just don’t try to get well know with here just with DOA.

Or download SF2:HF off the xbox arcade. Cheap old school goodness.

Then again you could just become a MvC player. (check to see if they’d sell cause I’d want a MvC2 cabinet)