I want to change my HRAP3 buttons

Amazon.com: 8 pc Set of White Sanwa Push Buttons OBSF-30-W: Everything Else

I want to change for these sanwa buttons, how do i do to know if i’m chossing the right buttons?.. i’m new with this, idk if i have to use some buttons model or all sanwa push buttons are the same for arcade sticks :S

Keyword there is 30mm, so yes that size will fit any Japanese style stick. If you also want to change the start/select buttons, then you want OBSF-24. I don’t recommend Amazon though, because the prices are expensive.
Lizard Lick Amusements has cheaper prices, ships worldwide, and lets you mix and match button colors. They also have way more stuff.

Thank you very much CSword fot the info and thanks for the link… i’m checking the lizard lick website now. thanks again buddy!.

+1 lizard licks, cheap prices, fast shipping, support Chad and his business!

Amazon is fine, but they charge a bit more, and shipping. Problem with them is they arent selling it actually, a third party seller is. There’s also people on ebay who sell kits with a JLF, 6-8 buttons, and gates. They’re really cheap, but they’re pretty useless unless you’re replacing everything in a stick like a SE, or custom built since most sticks now come with JLF’s standard.

if only he did that with Semitsu buttons as well.

You can buy the full buttons and take them apart yourself to mix and match. Seimitsu buttons just aren’t popular enough to sell them in pieces, really.

not if i only need just the top half of the push button for $1.25 instead of shelling out 3 bucks for the whole thing.

not as popular and yet they cost more…ROFL.
awesome logic.