"i want an av":the av request thread by me(based on a true story)



those are the pics for anyone who decides to give it a shot… please leave the text from the second photo if posible if not… ok.

thank yo

nobody?? anybody???

hows this? probably not what your looking for but just an idea

thanks but it really isnt what i wanted…

maybe something more along the looks of this:


make it yourself then.

fine… thanx for asking for nothing then…


i dont understand, you said it yourself its not what i’m looking for.

its very easy dont know what the deal is with everyone here.

You are right, you don’t know what the deal is with everyone here.

No one here is psychic. Simply put, no one here knows what you want because you are vague.

make me an av with the pics that are above… some sort of collage of both leaving the text of the second picture instead of my nick.

is that specific enuf?

i mean it was pretty specific i think the first time… but eniways… probably everyone who make avs wont give it a shot cuz i wasnt “specific” enough

You sound so damn demanding. Are you gonna pay us sack full of gold if we do, NO.

so just make it yourself
or pay me $5000, then I’ll think about it

people here are such dicks…

Not really.

Take a look around, you’ll notice we’re only acting this way towards you. Wonder why that is?

Maybe because beggers can’t be choosers.

You asked for an avatar, and all you stated was that you wanted the text to remain. That’s ALL you specified, and you even said that it was ok if the text wasn’t there.

Some one who reads that request is going to assume that you will be happy with whatever they make.

So, some one makes you an avatar, and you say you don’t like it. Well, you should have said what you wanted in the first place. That would have avoided some one completely wasting their time on an avatar that doesn’t suit what you want.

Think about it. You ask for something, but you don’t say what you want: You could get anything. If there were certain things that you knew you didn’t want, you should have said so in advance.

People around here are not dicks. We just don’t like wasting time and effort on people who are ungrateful, demanding, and picky (like you).

Alas, you obviously have a program(s) in which to manipulate these images; thus, you can do it yourself.

i resized the second photo in paint… that isnt a place for me to do an avatar… and i said that i wanted an av with the two pics not one that was pretty specific and for the text to remain if possible… so they made me an av with one of the pics and no text…

now if I said it isnt what i wanted its beacause it didnt have the two pics on it.
whatever man this avatar crap is kinda lame… i’m sure that if some very known player came here asking for an av… most of the av maker would be on top of him and giving him lots of choices.
I stated taht I wanted an av with two pics and they gave me one with only one of the pics… how does that make me demanding, ungratefull and picky when it wasnt what i asked for?

up to you if you wanna use.

Oh btw, even famous players would have to be specific, nor do they get more options than anyone else. People pretty much only have 2 choices. Say what they want specifically or let the av maker do their thing. Either you like the result or you don’t. But yeah, you probably should’ve stated that in the first post that you wanted both pics to be used. You didn’t say use either or both. So cham just used one. Not that I care about the issue, I just do this thing for fun.

yes yes yall and it dont stop!
thanks dog