I want a stick but

I don’t know what to get. Or more of the problem is the art for it. I mean if I’m spending this money I want art for it I like.

I was going to get an awesome one from dreaded fist, but I couldn’t get any artwork. I don’t have or know how to use photoshop and I couldn’t get any help…and there are certain guidelines to it and yeah…

well now that I should have a bit more money maybe I can get something better? I’ll mainly (or exclusively) be using it for Mvc2 on Dreamcast, and would like japanese style buttons/stick (?) but would also like to use it for ps2.

And recommendations for sticks? I don’t really need help in that department though…it’s just the artwork for it.

Yes I’m a noob, but could I get some help? :sad:

I’ve heard great things about Dreaded Fist, but I’ve personally had absolutely wonderful service from Finkle (Ordered a stick about two weeks ago from him). It really all depends ont he style of stick you want. IMO finkle’s looked better and there has been nothing but praise for him and his sticks.

For Artwork ask around on the image mishmash forum or maybe even the thread fo the person you’re ordering off of. I ended up getting some very nice artwork put together by Level 3 just by asking.

For multiple console support I’d just recommend getting a PSX dual shock 1 PCB and buy convertors for it. I know finkle does multiple console support (As do many of the other builders) but it needs an extrernal project box and the costs are rather high (IIRC the price was quoted almost $40 higher than one console support). For that reason alone I suggest just buying good convertors for it. If you get a DS1 PCB it will have the least problems with convertors.

Hopefully that helps.

I ordered a stick from Dreaded Fist, it is about $40 cheaper than Finkle’s, could be potentially even cheaper if I went for Happ components instead of Setmitsu/Sanwa that everyone is digging those days.

Finkle’s does look nicer. But Dreaded Fist sticks are good looking too.

Quality wise I have never seen a single negative comment on either one, so you be the judge :stuck_out_tongue:

Art is easy… if you want art just lemme know and i’ll cook somthin up for ya.

Thanks for the input. Hmm finkles do look really nice and are only about $160? That’s good, I might get one of his :slight_smile:

We were talking about artwork before Shodokan, but you never replied, but it’s a good thing because I changed my mind about the stick I want. I’m goign to talk to finkle about measurements and maybe I’ll get back to you.