I wanna image fo rmy stick

Hey im gettin a red octane case for my stick but i wanna really cool image for it so when i play mvc2 i can at least look cool when i get my butt kicked and im not that good at photoshop so if anyone has a wicked looking image or thinks they can make one please post one so i can rock it out oh yeah the red octane sticks are 14.25"w by 10"L id really be thankful to all you awesome image designers

what characters do you want on it? and what color are the buttons and the stick???

this way i can do something accordingly

my stick is blue i have blue red black white buttons
my fave chars are the shotokan guys capamerica and commando cable the megaman crew hmmm
doom sentinel hell i like everyone actually so whatever yo ufeel like artisticly (that is so mispelled) but whatever blows your hair back

ok, here u go…


if you want anything changed, i’ll do it tomorrow

oh my god

holy shit
i didnt expect that thats frwakin awesoem yo ueven put my name onit wow wow wow thank man i love where you put chunli thats freakin awesome

dude, i gotta fix it, i left some of the shit around ryu’s head… looks weird

EDIT: ok it’s fixed… if doom is on the right of ironman, then u still have the old one… refresh teh page

need somethign moved

i love that my names on it but can it be moved to the right a lil the stick case is at an angle in that corner i dont know the dimensions or nothing but a lil to the right will do oh yeah and one more thing can i have a hayato pic in it if its not too much trouble him and strider rock oh eyah thank you again fo rthe servbot and chunli oh yeah and thanx to infinite for the image

sure… i’ll have it done tonight… check around…11:30ish eastern time… im at work till 11… but what u asked wont take me long, so it’ll be like… 5 minutes when i get home

peace out

and thanks to infinite for what image? he didn’t give me any images

oh just the image in general for my stick its awesome i printed at work and showed it off to everyone who cared and some who didnt

ok, pic updated… refresh if u don’t see it

i wanna see a pic of the stick when it’s done, if that’s cool

oh hell yeah

Hey thanx man yeah ill post a a pic as soon as i get it done im expecting everything next week oh yeah i was wondering i was gonna go to kinkos tomorrow and get it put on vinyl do yo uthink thats a good ideal or do yo uknow of a bette rway i bought plexi glass to put over top of it any suggestion would help