I thought you couldn't combo off of TAC counters


he dropped it, but it looks like it could have been continued. I feel like he dropped it because you’re not supposed to be able to combo off of those? Could someone please help me analyze this

woah what

That’s Dark Wesker we’re talking about, though. I can’t say I’m surprised.

looks like as long as your character is fast enough (usually with XF3 and a good wavedash), you can pick up your opponent after the TAC counter. possible also has to do with the height if your opponent pre-TAC.

yeah in the beginning of Ultimate, Ryan Hunter was messing around with XF(2 and 3 if i remember right) + glasses off Wesker TAC counter combos, but was never able to get it consistent or do it with other characters :\ Its still worth exploring, obviously.

Works with Chun and some others too if I recall correctly.

(Or at least I saw some testing done with Chun, perhaps the conclusion with her was that even though she was fast enough to get to the opponent after a TAC counter, she physically couldn’t hit her opponents despite them having not recovered yet)

Lol it looked like he totally wasn’t expecting for that to work

I guess xfactor level 3 makes the game’s rules go away. Fuck it, Skullgirls

I want it too :frowning:

I haven’t watched the video yet, but I remember I comboed off a TAC counter with Wesker XF3. Surprised me:P

Watched it, and I was pretty much in the exact same situation that happened here. Cool stuff.

I’m at college and I’m going to get it on my ps3 as soon as I get home. Until then, slowly dying while everyone else is finding skullgirls tech :frowning:

yeah I imagine that would be why he just didn’t even press any buttons after haha.

I don’t recall them ever saying it was impossible to combo out of TAC counters, but I think I may recall a podcast mentioning that briefly that under certain conditions a few characters can do it.

I don’t think there was anyone who explicitly said “comboing off of TAC counters is impossible” but it’s been generally perceived as such. Even in vanilla, I’ve seen people (myself included) who will try to combo off of them, sometimes even xfactoring to do so, but never seen it come to fruition until this video. If that’s true, then more exploration must be required

I did this in a game once but can’t recreate it.
V.Joe TAC Counter, X-Factor Cancel Red Hot Kick.

Ugh, like joe needs more shit. SO MUCH HITSTUN OFF OF RHK

You can only do it if you’re already X-Factored when you do a TAC counter, though. You can’t TAC counter, X-Factor, and do a combo. And even then only a few characters can do it. It has to do with the speed increase that a character gets when they X-Factor.

So yeah, this kind of thing is extremely situational, but still handy to know if this ever does arise.

That is awesome. do you know what levels of xfactor? this is ridiculous to even put in the game, the possibilities of stopping a combo and starting one yourself at the same time is just… too marvel.

p.s. i really like your mr. wright.

Considering that only a select amount of characters can do this, I think XF3 is the only way to go.

Well, Chun-Li could conceivably do it with XF2, seeing as she gets the biggest speed boost out of the entire cast.

alright, and do you think it can only be done at normal superjump height? what if they counter after 1 up exchange?

mastacj did it a while back. it looks like only some characters can do it. they need to be really really fast like Dark Wesker though.