I think I've hit the fighters wall. (How do I get better?)

So I have logged over 100 hours online alone for SFIV. I know this probably is nothing compared to the pros here but I plan on logging a lot more. I feel like i’ve hit a wall however and in order for me to get better I need to make some changes.

I have over 1000 matches online, with a win % of only 60. I cannot perform any special combos or advanced moves and I can hardly get past the later challenges for unlock colours and what not.

Not wanting to blame this on my skill (or lackthereof) I was hoping that switching from my standard PS3 controller to a Madcatz TE Fight stick would help me puill off those combos.

Any advice/tips?


If you are having problems with basic execution, you really need to hit up training mode to get that down. Although I do recommend getting a stick, just buying new hardware is no substitution for a good practice ethic. Check out this thread for tips on improving execution.


Aside from that, I strongly recommend using the regional matchmaking section here to find some people to play with locally. Online has its uses, but you stand to learn a lot by having face to face feedback on your performance.

Wow a thread like that is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much!

It sounds like you’re just playing without any sort of direction or training plan, and expecting to get better. Prioritize what you need to improve on, and figure out how to improve in those areas. The number of matches you play doesn’t matter.

yea i am feeling the same way right now im just started playing with people locally but it seems like i not been able to improve. im hoping playing locally will help me out.

plus although i hate ryu as a character i feel since he is a good starter for learning the basics i should learn him and that would help my game with gen, ibuki, akuma and honda.

good point to have if you have a match and you get really mad just stop playing because take it from me trying to play after getting really mad at a match does not help you against other matches you have later on.