I suck, but much more against Urien

I’m pretty much a noob, scrub, lametard however you wanna say it. Thing is I have way too much trouble against Urien. I really don’t know what I’m supposed to do against the bastard.


This is a 2dfreeplay replay of me against some Urien, The matches come at the end so you might have to wait. Funny thing is that when I finally win a freaking match against it he quits, what a douchebag

Anyway, I’m player 1.

General tips or some analysis of how I fucked up (besides lame execution which I know I have) would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry if my suckiness makes your eyes bleed.

Thanks dude, the only problem I have with the taunting is that pretty much everyone around here has a bad temper and quits the game when too much taunting happens. I know it’s their fault for being moronic but if I don’t have anyone to play then I don’t have anyone to taunt.

Thanks for bearing with me again.