I set a training dummy Ryu to DP over and over and over..... and it beats me in training mode

Only with Viper, though. With Guile I simply boom it and air throw out of whiffed DP.

With Viper i’m like…ok I going to seimso you…oh, you are invincible or too high for seismo to hit. Ok, I’ll just jump in with a cross up and FFF you. Nope, get DP’d. Well heck, I’ll just cr.MK > m Thunder Knuckle you from far away like I’m Chun Li or something…WHAT YOU CAN DP my leg from half screen???

Also standing FFF is hard for me to do when he lands, for some reason it is much easier for me to FFF him from a jump in. Maybe the jump in time give me time to reset my hand position on the fight stick?

DPs have priority over a lot of things no matter what, if you’re throwing out pokes they aren’t going to beat DP, sorry if that’s not what you’re talking about but you’re kind of hard to understand, can you clarify?

Ryu’s DP is invincible on startup, so if you stick out a poke and they do a DP, it’ll beat you. Generally, the best way to punish whiffed/blocked DPs is to just hit them as they land into your biggest combo. Choose an attack with a faster start-up, otherwise yeah, it’s possible that they’ll just DP you again and hit you out of whatever you were doing because they’ve already recovered.

Throw between dp is the only universal punish option, afaik.

You are mistaken. Almost every move can punish a whiffed and blocked dragonpunch if you time it right, a light dp by Ken recovers fast but you can still use an Ultra punish or a slow and heavy attack as a punish, you just have to punish during the recovery frames of a dp. Try it out in training mode.

Just block and punish, there’s no point in trying to beat it if you don’t have to.

How to vortex auto correcting DP’s after knockdown? (with burn kick)
Also thanks for the tips.

I wouldn’t bother trying to vortex if you know they’re going to mash a DP. Just block and then give them the business.

If you’re unsure of your ability to hit them during their grounded recovery frames smack them out of the air with something and air reset them.

Yeah, that actually works really well with some characters. Not quite the same but I like to cancel my down fierce (when they jump in) with poison into HP fireball so they land and have to block right away, I get a free mix up.

I’m sure other characters can do things like that to punish a DP in the air and set up pressure immediately after they land… Akuma sHP xx LP Hado would probably do the trick and I bet there are dozens of others

With Viper when I try FFF when they land I get thrown or DP’d.

You aren’t doing it fast enough, then.

Not trying to be rude, but you’re getting thrown or DP’d because you’re messing up, that’s all there is to it. There are grounded recovery frames where you can get a full combo. Maybe FFF without the jump-in, the timing on jumping punishes can be pretty tight. If you want something guaranteed and easy just hit them out of the air and don’t worry about the timing.

For whatever reason my FFF with the jump in execution is much better. I need grind out standing F > Feint