I remade Urban Champion in 2D fighter maker 2002, pls enjoy it

Ok guys, I spent the last few days learning to use 2D fighter maker 2002 and decided to make a simple fighter.
So, I remade Urban Champion from the NES on it.

I recorded a video to show it:


So, now you can play the more honest fighter, with 0 gimmick BS, with the best balance ever made, 0 ToD BS, focused on fundamentals and zoning, only that is actually fun and not a shitty NES game.

you can download it here:

>but online
you can use I think the VP caster, since it’s the same engine.

When’s tick throw setups though?

Sorry, but the original game doesn’t have throws.
You can still chip the oponent on block.

Just out of curiosity, why 2DFM2k? It’s quite dated now.

The latest versions of MUGEN have HD support and are much more modern in terms of features.

Good job though!