I played a guy today who pissed me off

The first 3 mathces he used urien and did nothing but poking and pull back when I come to him, I got hit a lot but i still managed to beat him . And the 4th match he decided to go all turtle and I lost. Since I told myself that if the other player turtle against me , then I don’t have to be a gentleman. So I started to turtle him back and immediately perfect k.o his ass. He then told the other guy “he hella turtle.” I felt pissed becuz he turtle me first and the first 3 matches I beat him without turtling. :wasted:

^ Eih…some people dunno what to do when you use thier tactics against them I guess.

Stop crying and just play the game. Jeez…these topics are more and more apparent all of a sudden. It’s a fighting game…you play to win. If it says you win on the screen you did the right thing. If you lost…change your strategy and win that way. You changed your strategy and you made people cry…that’s what you’re supposed to do. Don’t cry for the babies…be the better man and adapt.

If you have to play more defensively to win…so be it. They’re not your friends. They’re not giving you a trophy if you impress them. If the guy didn’t understand he was also playing defensively then he really needs to understand the game better. You’re just there to play SF and part of playing SF is winning the match. Whatever way you figure out to do that is fair game. There’s nothing in the arcade version of the game that is not allowed in a tournament situation so whatever you do to win is whatever.

There is no “being a gentleman” about not turtling. Turtling is an effective way to win and it wins in major tournaments. Going on the offense is also imperative to winning but **sometimes ****in order to win you have to play not to lose. ** People play offensively when they already understand the risks they are taking or understand how to utilize that offense to break the opponent. Especially if you’re not totally understanding how to deal with the opponent’s game…it’s best to wait them out and look for mistakes.

Sigh DevilJin01 w/ the realness again. Why did I even bother to look in this thread?

Scrub talk.

Turtle poke tactics are like, the basis of street fighter you retard.

We need more bitchy threads.

i agree this…
this is true in all games you play for win …is all about maximize your chance of win … you can pick all chars …you can turtle if you want , you can keep away , you can run away you can rush down , lock down etc…
play for learn and win …and kill all guys in process.

I fuckin love the way this guy talks.
edit: no sarcasm intended, I really do

parryall , I 'm not complaining he turtled ,since most player I played tend to do that, you are right that anyone can play turtle , that is why I switched to play defensively,but the point is that dude said that I turtled WHILE he was doing the same thing . that was why I am pissed , not because his playing style.

So this is more or less a “he started it” story. You should have just asked If he wanted to keep wasting quarters playing you and being a bitch right next to you or if he would rather go be a bitch with his buddy by touching his dick. whoah… I got way off track

Get over it…you won. It’s done son. Don’t let kids get you butthurt. Especially if they can’t play SF which it obviously sounds like they can’t. I’m sure the dude knows inside he was doing the same. It’s just you gotta remember that it’s a competitive game and people will do whatever they can to boost their ego and bring your esteem down. You gotta look past that part and it seems like you’re still stuck.

You turtled in English class.

So true…

Whining over standard shit…

Damn deviljin, take some happy pills, your all angry and shit. Can’t you go play Primal Rage for a couple hours and calm the hell down?

Hyperbob you didn’t win your matches and its obvious. nothing you can do now but get better.

well i used to whine back then …

use dudley , turtle’s worse nightmare . because they CAN’T THINK when they get juggled , reset and mixed .

i’ve lost about 4 games within less than 5 minutes. and i get stunned despite that i’m using alex .

I’m NOT ANGRY!!! :annoy:

Primal Rage kills brain cells.

Straight up.

Lmao. I laughed so hard. /agree Good Shit bbq sauce.

On a serious note. Its obvious he got into your head by talking shit. I’d work on letting it not bother you or your gonna get on tilt really fast. You’re gonna lose a helluva lot more to getting pissed than getting turtled.

funniest thing i’ve read/heard all week. props to you sir. :rofl:

… question…

who the fuck cares about what scrubs have to say?