I plan on working to make a pre-game Ibuki match-up notebook. It is worth it/useful?

So I’ve been going to some locals lately because after hitting this plateau, i figured changing something would help. I tried different characters, but there are few i enjoy playing even remotely to ibuki, plus i feel every match i dont play her is an opportunity i lost at getting a tad better.

But i bring this up because there are 39ish characters in the game who all need to be played differently because of character specifics. Im only human, and I cannot remember everything i need for all the characters. So I was planning on making some sort of document ( maybe app if i get good enough at programming) thatll provide a quick refresher before matches on char specifics and etc. I know mingo made a fantastic spreadsheet of char specific, but my issue with it is that its hard to find everything you need to remember before going into a match.

The reason i bring it up to the community is because i want to work with some of the best ibukis here to get the essentials down on a match up. Ibuki is a special character who relies on char specifics a lot, so i dont want to put EVERYTHING char specific about the match up, just what is needed to remember before going into the match up.

examples like
-best safe jump?
-after meaties?

and etc.

if the community is up for this, i would love to moderate it. Any thoughts?
(Granted, I know im no where near an attorney on ibuki, but most of the community here is. so im banking on most of you guys if you want this xD)

This sounds more like a personal note kind of thing rather than a guide. If you really think it can help you, then do it.

guide is the incorrect term. you are definitely right about that.

how about pre-game notebook?

Sure. Notes are great. If you have a smartphone you can do it like Infiltration. If not, well maybe you can use pocket notebook or a folded piece of paper.

i was planning on the smartphone idea, and create an easy to access doc (or if i find its hella easy, an app) that can be taken around. only reason i put it in the forum is for help, so that we can all have a lil infiltration cheat sheet. i actually used him and PR Rog as the model for the idea.

If you’re this motivated, I suggest first updating/consolidating/organizing the matchup thread. Once we actually have agreed upon facts or discussions, then we can talk about shrinking that information down into a bite-sized document.

sounds good. ill see how much i can compile and then start working on a document easy to carry around :slight_smile: