I-PAC & hacked dualshok in a stick prob

I have the ipac in there for the PC and it works great but the ps2 adaptor sucks so I hacked 2 dualshocks and wired them in paralell to the ipac & there was slot of diode isolating going on. The way I switch between them is 2 db 25 switchers. If I make the switch the while the Pc is on I get all kinds of probs on both the pc and the ps3. The only solution I have is to turn the PC off before I make the switch then turn it back on when I’m done on the ps3. Any ideas?

could it be signal loss over the 6’ db25 cables? Or could it be the grounds conflicting?

Is this what you did?

http://img378.imageshack.us/img378/3958/2pcbsug5.jpg (this should be how it should be hooked up, assuming your switch is as drawn, I think)

i’d suggest you look over this thread as well as it might contain your answer http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=146124

no I wired the buttons and stick to a male db25 connector, I wired the ipac and the dualshocks to female db25 connectors. Before I bought the switch I did it by hand now the stick and buttons goes to the inpu of the db25 switchbox and A goes to PC and B goes to the hacked dualshocks. The only wires that are not on the DB connector are start and select those all meet at the I-PAC. They are all diode isolated so aslong and the dualshocks arenot hooked to the ps3 when I switch to the PC, everything runs great.