I normally have between 15-18 ping in godsweapon, I just pinged 56 now

Anybody know why? I checked speakeasy to see my internet speed test. It was normal. I tried downloading something and it was downloading at normal speed. The speakeasy gave me the same upload speed as normal. Everything was working normal except my ping in godsweapon.

Jesus wants you to play on p2p instead, thats why.

Well, I’ve tried that with 3 different people on here, didn’t work. All of them said I was the only person it didn’t work with. So, its not like I haven’t tried.

Pings change as fast as network state.

And have you tried it over hamachi?

I have a similar problem. My ping skyrockets every day at 9 PM. From like, 15-18 to 250+.

stop downloads or reset the cable/dsl modem works for me to get my pings back to normal