I need your opinions on this hsien ko team

So I don’t normally ask for help with teams but this is special. I want to run an anti-zoning team, the team being Hsien-Ko (senpu bu), Doctor Doom (hidden missiles), Hawkeye (quick shot). The main goal of this team being to “neutralize” my opponents zoning attempts and to get them to rush down.

So the way I go about doing this is by getting as much space between me an my opponent as possible, and throwing out M and H gongs in the air and ground while calling missiles. Simple enough. If they stay full screen and stop firing projectiles I throw items and call hawkeye assist to snipe out there assists. By the time my opponent starts to rush down 50% of their life is gone. At that point i can run away by dashing through them and plink dashing backwards, or fight back.

This is where you guys come in. Knowing how I plan on playing Hsien ko what assists would you recommend I use if not missiles or quick shot? I just want to quickly say that I I don’t use the DMC bros. not really my kinda characters even if jam session and rapid slash are good assists.

I’ve used the team on my friend who is a zero player and was surprised at how well she can keep him out. (and reflecting a charged buster shot feels amazing :D)

Not a bad idea but you have to be careful of teleport characters, characters with hyper armor (namely hulk) and fast rushdown characters. But do note that you have to find a way to do some bnb combo when you’re near the opponent. Try to make sure she doesn’t die too fast nor ended up as the last character.

Another character you should take out fast is Arthur. Make sure he doesn’t go super armor as his projectiles + XFC is brutal for hsienko to use her projectile.Find a way to use Hawkeye’s assist to stop him

I’ve tried running a team similar to that. What I suggest you do is either swap doom or hawkeye for a fast rush down character. If you’re trying to run a block projectile team with Hsien-Ko on point it won’t get you that far.

i tried to run this strat against joker, because i know he like to projectile his way into hit confirms and had no teleports
i used hsien ko/hawkeye/strider.
i lost but i think if it was practiced (not decided on the spot like i did) it could be decent

Well…it’s an nice team as it’s kinda balance. But I assume that Hawkeye & Strider assist are mainly their lockdown assist (arrows and vagra).

Anyway, Best you replace Hawkeye first on your team as he would the most useful member on point. Hsienko + Strider is a good assist due to many lockdown moves

It’s an okay idea but Hsien-Ko isn’t the best character for a keep-away team.

I’ve been having a lot of success with the team, I just wish my hawkeye wasn’t booty