I need training!

Would anyone mind playing a few round with me with Dudley? I am not understanding why certain things happen while im playing with him. Ill jump in and someone will throw me and if I try to footies I always lose. If anyone that understands dudley could give me a little help with a few one on ones or so I would really appreciate it.

Are you on PS3 or 360?

And if so, what is your psn or xbl?

Im on 360 gt is dereckm ok. I can do ok with dudley when people have not played against him much. But as soon as an average guy gets on me im finished. Seems like my opponent just figures out my little pattern, and I do mean little pattern and just punishes me.

Come on 59 views and only 1 person is willing to help me out with a little practice? Come on surely theres more than 1 dudley player in the world. Come on guys give me some tips, pointers, hell just get in a game with me beat the crap out of my dudley and tell me what im doing wrong lol.

first of all, you posted it 3 hours ago.
Second, you’ve posted twice in your own thread since you made it.
Also, if you can’t take the time to learn a character yourself after the game’s been out for two weeks, why should anyone take the time to train you?

This isn’t dial-a-noob. There’s TONS of information in the Dudley forum. Read some of this stuff and do your time in training mode before asking for help.
This Forum is for YOUR benefit; People who want to know information on Dudley, what he is capable of, how he is played.

Don’t come into the forum and beg for help and then complain when no one wants to.

Ok so I understand you have been here for years and all lol. But you dont know how much time I have put in with dudley. You dont know what training I have done or how much for that matter before I made this thread. I have read all of the forum information about dudley thank you very much sir. So once again you dont have a clue as to how much research I have put in. That wasnt complaining that was sarcasm. Its really not that serious SalPal your doing a bit too much. Why are all of you so called vets so quick to jump on a noob anyway? Answer that question for me. There is or should not be anything wrong with someone asking for help. Of course after they have done there own searching and training.

anddd salpal’s avatar says it alllllll lol

seriously though read up and study

edit: double pooosssttttt

lawl SalPal isn’t even a vet. There’s plenty of info out there for you to learn on your own. Watch videos of good Dudley players and question why what you’re doing isn’t working. Dudley isn’t an easy character to pick up, so unless you already knew how to play him from 3S or studied up on him before the game was released, you’re gonna lose a lot.

I know SalPal is no vet. I have been here longer. I was just trying to get him to chill with all the noob stuff. Gimpyfish I just played with you online the other day you were using dudley. Im not expecting it to be easy or anything, but there is only so much training and filmroom you can do.

never called you a noob.
There’s no such thing as “only so much training you can do.” You can always improve on your game through training in offline/online games or in the training room. Always.

Also, just because it says this account was made in 2009 doesn’t mean i have had no other accounts over the years…

This is starting to become trollbait, and i really wanted to turn over a new leaf about this, but i really didn’t think all these new threads with ridiculous questions already answered and beggers looking for a tutor would pop up so frequently. I don’t want to wade through all the garbage just to get to some actual useful content on these forums.

I just want some forum etiquette upheld. 7 total posts and 5 of them are in this thread. Come on!

I don’t need to know how much time you’ve put in with Dudley. Nor do i know how much you’ve read on these forums. If you’re making this pan-handler thread though, it means not enough.

i’m so peeved right now.

You should be peeved. Your making a big deal out of a person asking for help. Your post let me know you dont understand somet hings about games. Video games or other. Training can only take you so far film study can only take you so far. You will never reach your full potential by just training hard or reading. You cant tell someone when their training is at its limit. There comes a point where you have reached your ceiling. Have you seen that many help me with dudley threads…really…really? I ask again why is it so bad for a person to ask for help? Pan-handler on a video game forum haha. Done

1 is too many when the game’s been out 1 week.

Just leave it alone SalPal. The game has been out 1 week but people have been playing dudley for how many years now? You win already Sal. No reason for all this man do you wanna practice with me? Thats really all im asking is for someone else that likes dudley to practice and learn with me. Get in the lab together.

Just add me on XBL and stop spamming your thread, we’ll play as soon as we are both on together.