I NEED the name of this girl


:wow: :sweat:


haha looky here :]

That looks just like one of my cousins

Wow! She’s so freakn cute!! :D~

i dont know but thats my new ava damn shes so cute :bgrin: :lovin: man i wish i could have all the gif in my ava :sad:

is she fucking white or what? as in aryan, caucasoid however the fuck you say it.

No, she’s attractive.

btw that av looks retarded the way it’s animated. no offense

Her name is Katou Rosa and she is Japanese.


are you sure shes Japanese??? she Dont Look Japanese to me…:confused:

Shes japanese. These clips are from one of her commercials for uhh, jewellery iirc.

Looks like one of the girls from Morning Musume.


Needs bukkake…

Why not? Does she have a 2 cm epicanthic fold instead of a 1.5 or what?

woah, she does not look cute on that page