I need some training!

hey guys, if you saw my other post on the PSN forums, then you’ll know what i want…anyone who plays as dudley and is really good, or even mediocre, i would very much appreciate some help in learning this game. thanks in advance

Look at all the dudley threads first.

Some basic stuff is to, learn some basic combos first and learn poke strings into LP MGB which is 100% safe (except against command grab moves). Also your footsies and zoning. Also learn how to create block strings with F.MK and then learn mixups with F.MK. Don’t forget about F.HK (overhead) and alot of your big damage combos will come by using S.HK. Also learn your hit box with all your pokes. all of dudley’s basic pokes are really good when used in the right situation. Even S.HP and F.HP when spaced right become godlike anti-airs with alot of damage and stun. also you will have to learn your matchups. You can do that by playing really good players and taking losses as a learning experience and adapting and not get down or mad at yourself. Once you have established a decent dudley you wanna move on to getting your 1 frame combos down aswell as finding combos and setups that do big damage.