I need some help vs balrog

my friend uses some pretty gay teams that i own no problem, but i usually have trouble with balrog (balrog is the only character that he can cleanly beat me with). i mean, he isn’t good at all (he gets beasted on by my k-IORI of all people), i just don’t know how to handle balrog.

i’ve been resorting to athena and whoring c.hp and j.d+mk, but she dies in like 1 gigaton blow. i also been using nakoruru against balrog and doing pretty well, but she also dies in 1 gigaton blow…
my main people are rock, cammy, hibiki, nakoruru, ryu, and kyo.
my best groove is k.

btw, he turtles with balrog and spams s.hp

I think you should post in balrog thread its much specific than posting in here.

If you asked me try to apply pressure with balrog like Cammy or poke him with Hibiki or use fly away on ryu. And try to turtle him as he turtles you.

s.hp can be ducked by MANY characters

whats sad is that i know that, but after i duck the s.hk i can’t seem to get close (unless i’m using hibiki who does a c.mp or something, or a person with a “slide move” like kyo or something)

Pick Mai. Cr roundhouse, throw a fan from full screen etc. Anything to build a lead. Then runaway. If he corners you, SJ off wall and do the swan dive (QCB + fierce) to escape. Balrog can’t keep his charge to tag you and his jump is to short to do anything about it.

Pick a small character and hit him low.

i use Iori against my friends balrog - whenever im close enough, if he throws a s.hp and i duck it, i use c.hk that trips him and u get control from there.