I need some help for identifying CPS commonly used font's name in Capcom fighting games

Hi guys can you help me know the names of this font’s?

I’m looking for the non-pixelated versions

1. Commonly seened in Menu

2. Commonly the Subtext of SF2 expansion series. eg: New Challengers, Grand Master Challenge and etc

3. Score Ranking XVS

4. Usually seened in Continue Screen and Super Finished Screen

5. XvS Font

6. Zero 1 Game Over Font

Thanks guys

I thought you were asking about soundfonts. The font I loved the most was Alpha 3’s, really gave it a “turn of the millennium” feel to it. I think that XMVSF is Bauhaus 93.

Not sure about the others, maybe MVC1/MVSF is a cool altered version of Comic Sans?

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Thank you will be looking into that.

I think that Alpha 3 is Ariel font.
I thought you meant soundfont, because if you a android phone, you can easily get the soundfont for a certain game.

Vampire Saviour and maybe Alpha 2 use Comic Sans if you’re interested.

thanks just goint for the certain fonts posted above.