I need people for our halo 2 clan

Me and a couple of friends have a small halo 2 clan going. We need some good peeps to join. People who are actually into learning the maps and discussing strategy to win. Having no actual gameplan before a match = lose to good players.

The clan matches are what makes halo 2 really fun. It’s so good when you gt a group of people that know what they are doing instead of running around aimlessly.

If anyone is interested post here and we can get together and play.

Hey, I invited my friend last night to the clan, Bob1245 he’s pretty good. Incase you guys were wondering who he was.

Good shit tonight scoot we messed some peeps up.

hey i wont mind joining i kind of want to get into clan matches too

Does your clan involve the same bullshit that happened when trying to play a custom game with ya’ll. Namely everyone fucking switching sides mid game and randomly leaving and joining, with really shitty map settings?

On that note though, we should have some clan practice battles sometime.

That custom game was a bunch of friends of mine playing on my xbox with split screen. I dont know who did the settings. Anyway pretty much nobody in that room was in the clan. It was all fucking around. The people switching teams were all random people joining the game. You cannot switch teams in a clan match so i’m not too sure of what you mean…

When I play clan matches I get all serious and shit so no need to worry. I usually pair up with a few people and search for a clan match through matchmaking.

I’m only accepting people that are good so join a game with me and we will see how you do. People usually think they are good cause they can score some kills but that is not what i’m looking for. I want people that listen and understand maps and the critical points.

So anyone interested send me some FR’s and we can do a team skirmish or something.

Next time the both of us are on with a team of 4, ill invite you to a closed custom game with usual small clan match settings for some practice.

and i’ll hit you up with some party invites etc, when I’m on.

Sounds cool man. Just watch out cause sometimes it’s my little bro.

Im down to play, jus say your from srk and about the clan and ill accept.

Da names Trillh0use online…Invite to a game whenever you can

i have a clan too
its called