I need help !!

Hi all :wonder:
well, I’m new to here :lovin: & I need some help.

I have some trouble playing against ken akuma & necro, I don’t know what ken will do in Okizime, whether shop, Mp Hp…, c.Lk…

is there some Option select when getting up avoiding all of this ?
I play good but sometimes I lose just by shop, shop, c.Lk…, shop, backstep c.Mp…:sweat:

c.jab super early like before meaty and block then punish the srk with a karakusa and i say srk because even after the mp-hp people still srk punsh with karakusa or standing jab dash under and start up one of the best mix up’s games in the game imo =D

I play with someone picks necro, when playing he gives me a distance farther then her s.Mp (wich can parry haigh) & I can’t do a kara-shop ( I can hit him with s.Lk) , I can’t dash (he can see her dashing), the only thing that I can do is her c.Mp (wich can parry high or low) he parry low then makes a combo if blocked he parry low then rush again (after rushing) he keeps the same distance

I think he found a hole in makoto or I think It’s me who :arazz: )

i don’t want to sound rude but you could be right in the fact that it’s just you a common thing when 2 people play against eachother ALOT is that you will get used to eachother and predict eachother which is pretty bad habbit. BUT j.hk beats him alot as far as anti air, you could even try mk axekick (tsurugi) he he stays grounded work on your command grab game low poke hayate and the like just don’t be predictable that is one big thing makoto doesn’t hvae in her favor is if you develope a patern.

do NOT guess parry against ken. you’ll get thrown a lot, or even worse… strong fierce xx super or shoryuken.

As a Makoto player you should have NO PROBLEMS against Akuma. One Karaksua and BOOM instant death:rofl:

As far as Ken players sometimes you have to wait them out. Random dash ups can easily get punished. Best bet poke at ken with low MP from a distance. Also connect one dash punch then block. Ken players LOVE to DP or super after a dash punch. Then you can punish with a karaksua. Just keep mixing up and watch out for random DP’s.

thanks guys , I trained with the assistance of another player mixing up between shop, c.Lk, Mp Hp.
now I can easily see ken dashing also I learned to red parry the Hp (from Mp Hp)

picking SA1 makes me not to seek after a Karakusa all the match

4 days of training is enough :lovin:

<i>As a Makoto player you should have NO PROBLEMS against Akuma. One Karaksua and BOOM instant death</i>

Not true. If you have the oppurtunity to get a karakusa, great. However, if you’re doing well you’ll probably be on their half of the screen anyway.

Makoto has like no defensive options, and akuma has long stings of safe pressure bullshit that he can corner you with. If you’re in super range you’re probably getting screwed up anyway.

I’d just mash jab and then dash when it hits(kidding…kinda)