I Need Help!

Fellow Rufus players, I need your help. I’ve been playing Xbox Live yesterday and my losing streak is at an all time high. I really need your help!

Here’s the problem:

Every time I do my dive kick to the bnb combo or pressure, I always keep getting thrown and srk’d out of it. I keep losing my matches because I’m taking damage off getting thrown and Shoryuken’d after dive kicking, which allows them to gain their momentum.

Am I doing the timing wrong, or am I just sucking, I don’t know, but I’m sick of feeling like I’m free.

I really need help. Any solution will be appreciated, thank you for your time.

If they’re not blocking and one of those 2 things keeps happening to you, aim your dive kicks better. Always aim below the waist. If they’re blocking and one of those 2 things are happening, learn to delay tech. Delay tech covers both options that you’re losing to. If they dp, you block and punish, if they throw, you tech.

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There’s a few options. Make sure you’re hitting your dive kicks as low a possible.

  1. Dive kick then then immediately Ex messiah. This will beat grabs and most dp’s.
  2. Dive around the knees and then do another dive kick immediately after. This beats grabs and people mashing cr. tech
  3. Dive and just block and be ready to tech.

Against throws, aim your dive kick lower or do a double dive kick to punish throw whiff for a free combo. Pressing st.LK too late upon landing might be something that is easy to overlook - have to make sure there is as little gap to throw/jab as possible. Another thing is doing dive kicks when you’re right in their face: there is a little delay before the dive kick starts to fall to the ground after it hits - this creates a larger gap in your string.

As for reversals, pay attention to when they like to reversal and just block. It can be tempting to continue pressure when you’ve got it but just block. Maybe do a late crouch tech to be extra safe.

I have this problem from time to time and it could be that your not quite judging your dive kicks correctly, but in my case it’s usually a timing issue.

As Rufus players the dk is our most commonly used move, so I think we just become too automatic with it. I find that going into training mode and practicing dk into grab helps quite a lot :slight_smile:

SRK spammers are best met with turtling; divekick if you must and only for outlined reasons. Further, are you sure you’re not falling into patterns? And that you have a ground game you can depend on when divekicking isn’t working out?

I would say try for the hard knockdown as fast as you can from the beginning of the match and work your rushdown from there. Just go for sweeps to start out with and once you get them down just explode. Once an oponent is down its much easier to cross them up with divekicks and keep pressure going. If they do go for a wakeup uppercut you will most likely be out of range and be able to reset them with another sweep.

As far as the divekicking goes i would say go for some a bit out of range of their srk’s. Sometimes theyll get impatient and just throw a bad one out and you can start from there. Only really dk when your close in on them, and be ready for teching here. Try focusing more on getting in with rolls, dashes, short divekicks, and just walking forward. Once you get the knockdown then you can really focus on the dk pressure. Dont get to down on yourself, everybody plays like shit every once in a while xd just a fact of life.

I used to have this problem when I first started using Rufus. Like others have said you have to aim the divekick as low as possible and use strings solid enough to discourage the dp mashing and throw tech mashing. You have to make sure that your frametraps don’t allow them to reversal so keep them as tight as possible. If you know they are mashing dp in the middle of your string just stop and block and punish accordingly. That should solve both those issues. Once you have someone scared to dp then it gets easier to start your mixup game. It really helps to be super patient against shotos if you haven’t learned their tendencies yet. Developing a solid ground game and learning to block fireballs while still moving forward will really help your overall game and will give you more opportunities to even start divekicking shotos/dp characters in the first place.

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well if you need any help learning rufus or getting better with him message me on xbl at xXx2 SliickxXx

Can someone help me with one of rufus basic combos ? This is what im doing

Dive kick, LK, standing HP plink to MP galactic tornado .

It seems that the plink comes out sometimes but the biggest issue is that the galactic tornado never comes out ? its always the EX version. Can someone break down what im doing wrong here please

Other people have posted about this happening to them I seem to recall. There are two things it could be:
[]Your hitting both buttons when doing the gt (unlikely, you can check your inputs in training mode for this pretty easily)
]Negative edge; basically that means you are still holding the mp&hp buttons down when inputting the gt, then releasing and pressing hp. You can’t see any difference in the inputs when you do this, so maybe get back to us after checking it out in training mode.
My advice if you find that you are unintentionally doing negative edge is to take your time when inputting the gt, you have a lot longer to cancel into it then you think. Hope this helps :wink:

yo i changed my gt 2 LynGuiStiics add me & i’ll teach you some rufus basics as well as match up’s

Definitely had this problem as well, and here’s the reality:

1.) The BNB (DK, st.LK, st.HP xx HP GT) is a 1-frame link. Playing online can present an added degree of difficulty in hitting an inherently challenging combo. If there’s even the slightest bit of lag, you run the risk of getting mashed out of this.

2.) If you’re ambitious and you want to grind it out, you want your DKs to hit AS LOW AS POSSIBLE. P-linking the st.HP and double-tapping the GT helped me out a ton as well. If you don’t know what this is, let me know.

3.) This is key. I was watching the inputs of Ricky and Justin and they both do the same thing: the minute you input the DK in the air, hold back on the joystick. You’re going to want to do this for a couple of reasons. The first being that if your opponent is someone who likes to mash DP, you have a better chance of not eating it if your DK gets blocked. Often times you’ll wind up blocking their DP. You could also DK, st.LK (block string) and then wait and see what they do (although if your opponent is throw happy, then a better option would be to just instant dive kick). If the opponent DPs, wait and then punish with sweep or st.HP xx HP GT. The second reason you’ll want to hold back on the joystick is that it allows you to “swing” into the HP GT easier. There’s no input overlap so a perpetual half-circle motion will cover ALL your bases while putting in GT.

4.) Remember, DP is a risk for any player who can’t FADC. If people want to mash out of your potential combo, then chances are they’re not going to do it JUST ONCE. If you get SRK’d, I’d be excited for the next dive kick. Because now you can just dive kick and wait, and let the moron fall to your waiting fists. Don’t forget that GT leads to Ultra in the corner, so maximize the damage to make sure they won’t want to DP again. Also remember that an extremely late dive kick started high in the air will trade with DP. The only time you come out on the losing end is if you go for a dive kick without blocking during the invincibility frames (start-up) of an SRK/DP/Reversal.

can someone break this video down ? need help with the timing


I’m not going to say this is useless, but it’s definitely a “concept” video. Quick stand by any opponent negates all of the set-ups coming after Galactic Tornado. Also, no one really uses Ultra 2 anymore. The only thing that’s really worth following up on is the set-ups that come after Ultra 1 (because of the hard knockdown). I would get crackin’ in Training Mode with a Ryu dummy if you want to get the timing down.