I need help, I've officially taken Cammy as my main

For so long I’ve been up and about deciding who I would really like to play this game. Cammy just brings so much light to the subject and so I’ve decided to main her. I’ve watched a lot of players like Sanford Kelly make her look like cake work, but I can assure you I’m as novice as they get.

Can you people help me learn the basics, and some of the advance stuff? What are some important things I should know about her, I am also subscribed to faux123 (I believe he is a member here) and I’ve learned a bit from him.

EDIT: If you can post some important threads that I’m missing too, I’m reading up also.

well, first off welcome to delta red, this is possibly the most helpful character sub-forum on srk. in the future please place questions like this one in the q/a thread so that we can keep the non-stickied informative threads near the top ^^, but for now no worries.

some threads you should be reading up on… hmmm well most of the stickies have good info in them, but some of them aren’t updated so you might need to read a lot to get the info from them. so like in the match up thread don’t be afraid to ask about a match-up even though we have discussed it allready, worst case scenario is that someone links you to their previous post on the subject. be sure to read the ultra 2 threads, combo thread, option select thread and you should have a good idea of what to work on/add to your game. once you have done that try to post up video’s of your cammy, especially losses, you will learn far more from having a loss critiqued on these boards than showing off a W.

oh, and i think there is a youtube cammy group… i don’t remember what it’s called. and we also have an xbl silver acc that you should put on flist (i still need to do this) so that you can find other cammy’s to play ^^

Yeah there are a lot of members that post great stuff on youtube as well. In fact Highlulu is one of them! Faux posts A LOT of useful stuff. Also Geoff the Hero is another person that likes to give advice to people trying to learn Cammy, but come at him in a serious way or else he’ll tell you he is Diago Umehara or something haha.

I am very new to SF but i’ll play matches with you no problem. I’ll also, from time to time, probably drag you into a lobby with me and a bunch of my loud friends while you awkwardly sit there and listen to them berate each other haha. But stick with it and I promise you’ll get some good matches in.

Either way is cool man just let me know and good luck with Cammy, she’s a handful.