I need H\help with teaching a beginner how to hadouken

Hello, I’m TNB. ( I’m new here.)

I must admit, I have a problem. I’ve been trying to teach my dad how to hadou with Ryu or Ken (he favors Ken) for quite some time now, and he just doesn’t seem to get it. Any suggestions?

Down, down forward, forward.

How is this difficult? If he cant get it after that tell him to play Guile.

He’s probably pushing down then pushing forward. Show him that it has to be a smooth, circular motion. If the still doesn’t get it, refer to above post.

do it the way i got my lil neth to do it in stead of Down , Cr , Forward §
teach them half circle punch , cause 90% of beginners are messing up between down to forward

to do half circle is more controlled
and then when the get used to it then Qr circle will be easy for them :smiley:

Yeah, I’ve been thinking about teaching him how to use Guile’s specials… When he’s not too exhausted from work anyway…