I need an LS-32-01 square gate!

Anyone willing to sell me an LS-32 gate or tell me where I can find one to buy? I am not seeing them for sale at Akihabarashop or Lizard Lick. I messed up the one that game with the joystick, so now I need a new one! Thanks

Aki does sell them. go to this page, scroll down to LS-32 and instead of using the first selection box to pick colors use the 2nd one and pick #15 Main Guide. Add to cart and go!

Either that or check the online vendor status thread and try one of the other vendors.

ChaoticMonk, remove your link to Akihabarashop. I am able to see your address and shipping info. One could also change password and stuff. Site is unsecured… geez, they store your password cookie with no encryption. btw I logged off for you and change your password lol

Thanks man I appreciate It. Didn’t notice it on the site. Well crap, I just made an order from them and now I can’t change my order.

Woops! Thanks for the heads up and logging me out lol :pray: Password changed :wonder:

Your welcome :slight_smile:

Well if anyone in the states has a spare they can sell me I would appreciate it. Don’t really want have to place another order for aki shop and pay the shipping for a $1 part. :confused:

ill send you one

shoot me a pm with your addy and ill send it out this weekend

Got any spare LS-33 springs, Domz? Pretty please? :pray: Nobody has one.

OP, how’d you mess your gate up?

PM sent. That would be sweet if you could do that! Thanks!

if you are trying to stiffen up a jlf, I’d go stronger than an LS-33… that is a soft spring…

I stepped on it…lol. I am using a circle gate now, but want to transition to a square.