I need an "Arcade in a box" circuit (pcb) diagram

just found an arcade in a box that i want to revive. the problem is, the button, joystick and earth wires seem to be mixed up, and a few wires have been ripped out of the pcb. can someone please post a pcb diagram showing what the connections are on the pcb?

You might want to post pics of the PCB and see what model it is. I dont think AIAB used their own PCBs (I could be way wrong).

ok, i will. my camera was stolen last year so it may take a while. i cant even find a similar looking pcb on google.

this exact pcb, the one below the buttons.


First pic looks like an early PS3 Cthulhu model

Second pic is an early Multi Console Cthulhu


yeah, its more like the 2nd one. the only difference with mine is the panels with the 10 screws (on my pcb) is blue.

That’s because the early models used green screw terminals. The later revisions used blue screw terminals.

regardless, the link you gave me is definitely the right one. thanks