I need a place to practice.....cant go to gw

Ideas? I wanna practice and get better :slight_smile:

Hit me up :slight_smile:

i could have ppl over on certain days for “get-togethers” on the cabnet which is quite nice,

ideas are welcome, thank you!


Which game/s?

Did you get banned from gameworks or something dawg? Probably down to practice some time.

LTB I’m down but right now my parents flew in soooo maybe in a couple of weeks…

Oh lol, didn’t nkow who it was. Uhh, best bet is Singles tourney/casuals before Tournament Wars as long as you are over 21 which starts at liek 8:30PMish, or there is that monthly Singles tourney at UW now I think. I know Tanaka and Cole are trying to put something together that is more regular and allows more practice, but they’d have to be the ones to tell you about that.

st, 3s and cvs2



I’m always down to play whenever I dont have work so hit me up. I’ll PM my number. If you gimme yours I’ll msg you whenever we’re hosting too (usually in bellevue)