I need a number - Re: JLF measurements

This problem keeps popping up in different projects I’m working on like the Spark and the GT-C, and I was hoping that either the Tech Talk horde (or our resident Mentat, JDM) might be able to help me nail down.

I can get detailed measurements from the datasheets for the microswitches used in the JLF microswitch board that tell me how far apart the two mounting holes for each microswitch are from the center line of the pin plunger. So if I could find the distance from the center of the JLF to each microswitch, I’d have everything needed to know the exact placement of all four microswitches and their mounting holes, the plunger activation ranges, freaking everything. The problem is, I can’t get an exact measurement of this. Measuring the microswitch board itself is unreliable because of the flex in the board. Trying to measure the same thing with it locked in an assembled JLF doesn’t work well because my calipers can’t get in properly to measure.

What I need is a datasheet or a good measured drawing of either a JLF or the microswitch board. If I could get that one number, either the distance between each pair of microswitches or the distance from the center to each microswitch, I’d have it made, but I just can’t get an accurate enough number with my calipers.

Any help at all would definitely be appreciated. Thanks for reading.

What number do you have for Microswitch to Microswitch?
I have a rough measurement, but don’t know if I’m doing what you want.

The spacing through the center between two microswitches appears to be about 21-21.5 mm. That’s why I was hoping someone could find a good technical drawing of the JLF or the TP-MA that had measurements so I could find the actual distance they are supposed to be made at. I’d like to find the measurements they try to make them with, at least within 0.1+/- tolerance, if not 0.01mm tolerance.

I measured the wrong then.

That number looks like Microswitch to Microswitch all the way pressed.
Is that right?

Yes, measured from the microswitch case and not the plunger. But I should be able to determine that number from pretty much ANY good measurement of the board, anything that shows the measurement of any feature of two or more microswitches. I’m gonna take the calipurs to my JLF here and just make a huge ole’ spreadsheet that tries to determine the number from an average of a crazy number of measurements and see where that gets me. But if you can find ANY official measurements for anything in the JLF, please link it up if you can.


The only I know for now is just this basic one.

53mm from one Microswitch to the other.
From COM of one to Case of other.

53mm is not a good enough number though.

TheRealNeoGeo always seem to get cool measurements. :wink:

Any chance you know the OMRON part number of the specific microswitches used in the TP-MA?

Same situation as you, in that the printing on the MS-0-2P is not listed in OMRON Datasheet for V Series. :sad:
From what I read, the Microswitch really is 0.1A being.

It’s just that if I’m going to get a firm number from that technical drawing, I’ll need the technical drawing from the datasheet for those microswitches. Since non of the V, VX, or D3V families have that sort of through hole solder tab, I can’t use that 53mm measurement to determine anything about the spacing between microswitches :slight_smile: Needless to say, I’ve been down that road, since that is the only JLF technical drawing I’ve been able to find. Without a datasheet for this class of microswitch, it doesn’t get me any closer.

one moment…

I’m so excite.

I believe that the D3V-16-3A5 microswitch (the one Mark had MadCatz use for the special PCB in the TvC stick) is the closest to the MS-0-2P.

Pic from the old TvC stick thread.

Oh, you’re looking for the tabs that go through the holes.
Can’t really help there.

I believe you, but it’s the standard 0.187" QD tabs, and not the through hole solder tabs used in the TP-MA. I’m only asking about the microswitch because knowing the measurements of those tabs plus the 53mm distance above from end of the tab to end of the neighboring microswitch would help me with the exact placement of all of the microswitches.

^Yeah, I kinda noticed a bit too late. You might want to try the V-01-3D5-A then since, according to RoboKritik’s post in the old TvC thread, those are the same as MS-0-2Ps and do have the prongs you’re looking for.

OMRON V-01-3D5-A are Sanwa MS-0-2P.
If you desolder the Microswitches from TP-MA, you will see that.

The problem I believe is that the V-01-3D5-A isn’t in the datasheet.

Right, and Toodles wants the technical stuff from Datasheet. :sad:

Sweet. Let’s see.
V means V class
01(nothing) so pin plunger and should be capable of 1 amp at 250VAC
3 for SPST-NO
5 for 200gf

Looks like the D is for the special tabs that arent listed in the datasheet. Onward to see if I can find any other omron 3D-something datasheets.

EDIT: And searching brings me to this post, which neatly wraps up what we know so far in one post :frowning:

This whole Thread into that one Post.
We went nowhere.

I just did a bunch of measurements of tab lengths on my TP-MA, and they’re giving me results about a full millimeter from what I’d expect from measuring the gaps directly. I think that 53mm measurement is from the center of the soldered pin, and not end of the tab itself, which puts me back to needed a technical drawing of that microswitch to make any progress from that measurement, assuming that measurement is even truly precise.

Per, if you find something, awesome. Otherwise I think I’m back to just taking the average of a crap ton of measurements.