I need a new avatar!

My mario avatar has grown old and tired. Im looking for something new and fresh, and what better way then to involve some of the sf community.

Im willing to give 6 months of premium membership to whoever can come up with the best animated gif avatar (possibly that tells a funny story about srk or evo or SoaP or whatever)

Dimentions are 160 x 160, up to 1 MB.

Deadline is Tuesday, Sept 19th 12pm pst.

Thanks SRK!

quiche, can I have your 6 months after you do this? =O


Yeah quiche has this won easy.


Oh shit, this should be good.

ytwojay: If I win, it’s all yours.


EDIT: holy shit! 1MB to work with?!?!

Someone alert Psychosquall and OC. Hell get Robotron (was that the guy?) too. QUICHE CAN’T TAKE THIS FOR FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! lol

Might as well alert DarkDragon, DarkGiygas and BlodiaVulcan5 too.

It doesn’t matter. I have a killer idea (though it make take me longer than the deadline…can I get an extension?)


P.S.: Also, if I win could I get something other than 6 months premium like extra rep points?

Bring back EEK from the dead!

Hopefully the new av won’t slow down my shitty browser as bad as this one does.

DG needs to revive his “dangerous knee drop” av for this one.

Mr. Wiz, do you like cammy and the dolls?

I can’t wait to see the avatars.


is anyone even working on one besides me?


1mb 160x160… too bad it has to be animated.

Ok, my entry is done.



:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Oh man that’s fucking gold.

Him chewing on Urien is KILLING ME.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

:rofl: AWSOME !

Ah, I just noticed you made it premimum height / width, but he did give you an extra sixty pixels to work with Quiche, tsk tsk :O!

I know, but I rather like the 160 x 100 canvas size.


EDIT: Actually, premium sized avatars would be perfect for me if the filesize was upgraded from 50k to about 120k

LOL. quiche just made my day