I mained rog in sf4 but can't play him in this?

I was a decent rog on sf4 very decent but whenever I try play him on 5 I just can’t do anything. They should have just called him Dudley because I feel he plays so much more like him

His dash hasn’t got armour. No headbutt on wakeup as reversal. Lp dash isn’t safe too close. It’s horrible I just keep getting destroyed because I’m trying to figure out which target combo I should Mash out rather than timing lp lp ex dash uppercut into mixups. I hate his vskill I just can’t get used to it. I just use 3 punch to get through fireballs like on 4.

What can I do? Just forget using him?

tldr: your issue may be the system changes rather than rog himself who is still pretty different from his sf4 incarnation


Its hard, IMO he’s not the same and his tools are different. In comparison to his sf4 incarnation, sfv boxer has more offense, more weaknesses (no wakeup, no invincible reversals other than CA, no 1st frame armor reversal, 50/50 anti-airs etc). I think sf5 balrog is best summed up by, “SF5 Boxer’s mixup is no action”. Most of Balrog’s mixup puts in him an unfavorable position on block (i.e. you can’t capitalize on it). His normals are really stubby and as a result the normals you want to do sf4 stuff with don’t work as well or are incredibly unsafe (e.g. st.mk).

Dash punch/TAP xx KBB > is much better at getting around fireball than TAP on its own. TAP puts you in a reverse mixup: You force yourself to have to make a decision between blocking, teching the throw, jumping or doing CA. Alternatively, KBB > P puts you at -4, safe at range and less mix-up. cancelling into KBB with no follow-up is dangerous because you’re in CH state. So be careful.

(Like everyone else) his v-trigger puts you in a position to take control of the match, which is to bait them into giving you an opportunity to punish. IMO that’s ALWAYS your goal. Its a bit easier to open up your opponent in sfv, but his low confirms are worse (IMO) than in sf4. When you’re in v-trigger, you can cancel into f+K, which is -2 with decent pushback (safe on block). You can almost literally mash dash low xx f+k over and over again until you get a confirm into f+k xx kbb > P, ex.dash xx f+ex.K xx f+ex.K which does about 35% at worst if you can land it. I think a really good frametrap after KBB > P is cr.lp (delay) cr.lp (CH), cr.mp xx lk.dash low xx f+k xx KBB > P, ex.dash etc. It’ll beat 3f normals.

The way you open up your opponents is by going for throw in +2f situations or -2 situations, without throw they can just block low. There’s no crouch-teching and throw is 5f, so the meta game changes a whole lot. Throw being 5f means it’ll generally trade with the opponents fastest normal (4f at the slowest). So you commit to throw whenever you use it. The OH is relatively useless, anytime you put it out there its going to STOP your offense, the only time you should do it is from neutral when you can cancel it into v-trigger for an additional frametrap/mixup (i.e. OH xx FADC).

With the target combos, don’t mash them, they’re al negative on block. st.lk xx st.mk should be your go-to 3f punish, you can st.lk xx st.mk xx v-trigger etc or st.lk xx st.mk xx st.hk, fwd.dash, cr.hp for a CH setup on quickrise. st.mk xx st.mp is only good as a punish, it’s negative on block even if you cancel into KBB, st.mk xx st.mp xx KBB > K walk forward st.mk is a CH setup on quick rise that’s really nice as well. You should only use the target combos as a punish or to put yourself in a situation to capitalize. you can confirm into the target combos with CH st.mk or CH cr.mp or CH st.lk or even CH KBB > P (+4).

stubby normals and no 1st frame armor makes johnny a dull boy.

I miss 4s rog.

As someone who mained Rog in 4 and was pretty solid with him, I am in the same boat. Part of my problem though is that I rarely have time to play the game right now, and when I do, I feel like I’m handicapped. I probably have like 100 matches or so with Balrog total, and I still find myself doing SF4 habits big time. I even wake up sometimes doing the headbutt motion, only to remember he doesn’t have it. I also find myself doing his EX Dash punch thinking it’s going to go through moves. I find myself pressing st.hk thinking it has any range but it doesn’t. Same with cr.mp.

It’s definitely tough to kick the old habits and I’m struggling too. I wish I could just try to learn and play him as SF5 Rog but with my minimal time it’s been tough. I’ve also never been a fan of characters with target combos, which I know you don’t HAVE to use, but I’m trying to incorporate them.

The struggle is real.


Oh and don’t get me started on his CA. I still can’t 2-in-1 his dash punch into his CA 100%. More like 50%. It’s just tough for me to do his dash punch into it. I wish it was the same motions as SF4 super/ultra.

i am in the same boat lol

I think most of us who mained him in sf4 had the same problem. He felt stubby,floaty and weird to me at first. But once i learned his buttons and spacing it become fun and easy to use him. Also btw target combo’s are a must… Sorry man lol

Yup, easiest conversion off of his best cc button. Leads into free v meter buildup ender.

Judging by your post this is all due to you playing SF4 Rog in SF5, no more rush punches at any spacing, jab - jab xx rush punch isn’t as strong, his target combos aren’t really what you want to mash out they’re not safe on block and you lose your turn immediately, his game is played up close like an infighter.

You wanna look at his frame data, see that st.mk is a good pressure tool, it can counter poke and cancel into hk/hp dash attacks. You wanna see st.hk is +3 so it’s one of the go-to meaty attacks on wake-up. Leads into itself and basically whatever you want on block. EX dash straight is your only free rush punch, being +1 on block. His walkspeed and dash game are strong, and he gets some good options from his throws, having that good walkspeed makes his shimmy game quite strong. St.hp is still godlike, and is almost on par with Chun’s st.hp for the kind of space it can occupy. Utilising his v-skill for anti-projectile needs, mobility and mix-up is also crucial, I’d say Balrog uses his v-skill a lot mainly just for that mobility.

It’s a transition period, he still plays like I’d imagine Boxer plays, and he’s very oppressive but in a fun way. Reminds me more of SF2 Balrog where you can really pin someone down, but without the focus on jabs.